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cite {display:none !important;} .timestamp {display:none !important;} How To Get 100 Miles Per Gallon -Today, pg. 74.

How To Get 100 Miles Per Gallon -Today, pg. 74.


Why are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Neil Young handing over their cars to Johnathan Goodwin? In Wichita, genius car tinkerer Goodwin takes the biggest American gas-guzzlers and rejiggers them to quadruple their normal mileage and push emissions close to zero, all while doubling the horsepower. That’s right, he’s created an engine that’s simultaneously green and mean. Goodwin says American automakers could adapt his methods easily. So why isn’t it happening? Has this guy figured out a way to save Detroit and produce a radically cleaner and cheaper future for the American car? Contributing Writer Clive Thompson is available to discuss the impact Goodwin will have on American automakers.

5 Things Every Business Needs To Know About Facebook’s Future, pg. 84.

With its platform newly opened to outside developers, Facebook, now valued at $15 billion after a recent $240 million investment from Microsoft, just seems to get hotter. How will Facebook eventually monetize its millions of fans without losing its user-friendly reputation and how soon will the race for cash flow begin? In a one-on-one interview with CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Senior Writer Ellen McGirt analyzes their next steps, the eco-system rising around their site, and how businesses that ignore the evolution do so at their own risk.

10 Cell Phone Applications That Let You Ditch the Laptop, pg. 67.

Thanks to new applications for your phone, life for the traveling executive can be as productive as life in the office. From converting voicemail to text messages, controlling multiple phone lines, and even assessing traffic conditions in unfamiliar locales, video podcast pioneer and blogger Robert Scoble reports on a series of new services for road warriors that go way beyond email and calendaring. Columnist Robert Scoble is available to demonstrate the new applications and show just how easy it is.

Can Ebay Control its Inner-Chaos? pg. 100.


eBay is no longer an Internet darling, with its stock 40% below its peak. So CEO Meg Whitman and heir apparent John Donahoe are radically re-engineering the business to focus on buyers, not sellers. Will its best customers revolt – or is this a shortcut to ad-driven riches? Senior Writer Chuck Salter is available to discuss just eBay’s slowing growth and analyze the odds of it bouncing back.

50 Ways to Green Your Business, pg. 90.

From General Mills to Sierra Nevada Brewery, Sun Microsystems to the Philadelphia Eagles, how major companies are embracing energy conservation and sustainability-saving money and making better widgets in the process. Writer Danielle Sacks is available to discuss highlights, such as TV show 24’s use of biofuels for its special-effects explosions.

Tearing Apart the Airline Industry, pg. 51.

CEO of the new Virgin America, Fred Reid isn’t afraid of the big guys in the airline industry, partly because he used to be one of them. The former president of Delta and Lufthansa comes clean in a special one-on-one interview on what’s plaguing the aviation industry, what to do about flight delays and why airlines serve such bad food.

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