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cite {display:none !important;} .timestamp {display:none !important;} Cover Story: What “The Brand Called Obama” Means for Businesses, pg. 84.


Cover Story: What “The Brand Called Obama” Means for Businesses, pg. 84.


Barack Obama owes much of his success to his ability to market himself like a consumer brand. Fast Company magazine’s April cover story, “The Brand Called Obama,” investigates how his campaign challenges not just conventional political assumptions but also conventional business assumptions. The magazine points out business lessons of Obama’s rise, from marketing strategies and leadership styles to the future of the workplace. Fast Company Senior Writer Ellen McGirt is available to discuss how Obama’s campaign is changing the business landscape.

Dead Man Walking: An Exposé of AOL’s Recent Miscues, pg. 112.

Once the quintessential innovative company, AOL did worse than fall from grace after the Time Warner merger. In just the past few years, AOL has imploded, crippled by a lack of business vision and a foolish aversion to embracing the new. How fear of risk, taking unwise risks, and an unwillingness to stick with risks worth taking doomed an opportunity for revival. Articles Editor Tom Foster is available to discuss AOL’s chances of survival.

Iceland Sets Out to Create A Hydrogen Economy, pg. 95.

As oil crests $110 a barrel, Iceland-a country with no coal, no oil, and no trees-is leading the way to a hydrogen-powered future. GM, Daimler, Royal Dutch Shell, and Norsk Hydro are among the companies studying the Icelandic model. Government officials are also starting to wonder how America might follow in Iceland’s footsteps. Contributor Michael Fitzgerald is available to discuss the future of hydrogen power.

The Red Sox Secret Marketing Lineup, pg. 70.


Fenway Sports Group has created new money-making opportunities for the team that fall outside the rules of the league’s revenue-sharing agreement. As a result, the Red Sox are now drawing more than $200 million a year from Nascar, postgame concerts, super-fan travel packages-and even the Yankees, via an online ad deal. Senior Writer Chuck Salter is available to discuss the secret behind the Red Sox marketing and how other teams are getting into the game.

Tax Day: By the Numbers, pg. 42.

It’s the day Lincoln died (1865) and Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color line (1947). For most of us, though, April 15 is the dreaded tax-return deadline. The April issue of Fast Company takes a

look at the numbers behind tax day.

Can Project Runway Star Tim Gunn Save Liz Caliborne? pg. 102.

As an academic renegade, Tim Gunn pushed the Parsons design school to adopt a businesslike curriculum. Now the star of TV’s Project Runway is trying to revive Liz Claiborne as its chief creative officer. With Claiborne’s earnings and stock prices slumping, can he and new CEO Bill McComb “make it work” or is it “auf Wiedersehen” for a once-great American fashion house? Staff Writer Danielle Sacks is available to discuss Gunn’s efforts, and Liz Claiborne’s future.


Major League Baseball’s Digital Dominance, pg. 65., the 24-hour video news outlet on, produces more live Internet video than any other Web site on earth – 12,000-plus events last year – and gets customers to pay for it, handsomely. The April issue of Fast Company reports that MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) has turned online video into such a cash cowthat analysts now believe baseball could pass the NFL in total revenue by 2010 Senior Writer Chuck Salter is available to discuss baseball’s online success and the odds on when MLB will surpass the NFL.

A Startup’s New Approach to Citywide WiFi, pg. 51.

Citywide wireless projects across the country have failed due to soaring costs, technical glitches and public-private squabbling. But Google-backed startup Meraki may succeed where others stumbled, seeking to deliver free access to all of San Francisco by the end of 2008. Already, 10% of the city is covered. Senior Editor Jeff Chu is available to discuss Meraki’s innovative approach, as well as update on major public-wireless projects in Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Corpus Christi, and Athens, GA.

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