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Cover Story: Ning’s Infinite Ambition, pg. 76.


Ning isn’t just a site where users can build their own social networks – it’s a model of how to create a perpetual growth machine. Netscape creator Marc Andreesen and ex-Goldman tech analyst Gina Bianchini have tapped into the secret power that fuels Facebook, eBay, Google, Twitter, Digg, Flickr and more. The result is not simply a target-rich environment for advertisers, but a self-perpetuating “viral loop” that’s turning Ning into a model of what the Web can do for business. Contributing Writer Adam Penenberg is available to discuss Ning’s success and the power of viral loops.

Your Doctor Will Meet You At The Airport, pg. 108.

Could the solution to rising U.S. health-care costs be outsourcing treatment to foreign locales such as Bangkok? Unknown to most Americans, major insurers, including UnitedHealth and Aetna and employers as mainstream as the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, are already laying the foundation for a new global system that just might have you packing your bags for your next surgery. Contributing Writer Greg Lindsay is available to discuss how a new model of globalized health care could change medical treatment for everyone.

Hollywood’s Geek Elite, pg. 92.

From Lost to Heros, a small clique of sci-fi true believers are taking TV networks into the next generation by teaching the industry how to connect with fans in the digital era. Says Tim Kring, the creator of NBC’s hit drama Heros, “In five years the idea of broadcast will be gone.” Fast Company reports on how Hollywood’s Geek Elite are creating a new kind of interactive entertainment, using social networks, video games, comics, Web-only episodes and more. Contributing Writer David Kushner is available to discuss how creative producers at Lost, Heros, Battlestar Gallactica and CSI are leading Hollywood into a new era.

GE Lifts Off In China, pg. 86.


When it comes to utilizing all the weapons of a conglomerate, there’s no one better – or more innovative – than General Electric. Fast Company reveals how GE’s jet-engine division in Ohio is being leveraged across multiple business units – from aviation to water power – and fueling growth in China. Senior Editor Mark Borden is available to discuss how GE is deftly using synergy to mitigate sluggish growth.

Google’s Surfing Safari, pg. 54.

Google is placing long-term bets in some unstable and pre-Internet places like Kenya and Rwanda. While only about 5% of Africans are online, Google expects to increase that number by making the Internet and its applications an integral part of existing institutions. Senior Editor David Lidsky is available to discuss Google’s partnerships in Africa.

Say Goodbye to Mother’s Day Cards, pg. 52.

Don’t expect to get a card in the mail from your teen this Mother’s Day. At American Greetings, social networking widgets and instant messaging are finding heat with a younger audience. Fast Company Editor David Lidsky is available to discuss the new greeting cards craze.

Get Laziness On Your Side, pg. 68.


Subtle differences in the presentation of a choice can have dramatic effects on the decisions people make, from saving money to donating organs. Fast Company columnists Dan and Chip Heath are available to discuss how to sway business and personal decisions with the gentlest of nudges.

Work Less, Save the Environment, pg. 73.

Could a four-day work week save the environment? Extra hours on the job and fewer vacations taken by American employees have increased our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Fast Company Columnist David Roberts is available to discuss how a four-day work week could be more efficient financially-and blunt global warming.

Mobile Ads, Coming to A Phone Near You, pg. 25.

The new frontier in marketing is mobile. Companies spent $1.4 billion on mobile ads last year, with projections the figure will rise to $14.4 billion by 2011. Senior Editor David Lidsky is available to discuss innovative ways marketers are using mobile ads to capture your attention.

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