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Cover Story: Microsoft’s Desperate Quest for Cool, pg. 64.


Microsoft’s problematic reputation has suffered a series of devastating blows recently, from its bungled Yahoo bid to Apple’s biting “Mac vs. PC” campaign. So the software giant has turned to ad-industry renegade Alex Bogusky-who helped make Burger King, VW and Orville Redenbacher hip-to overhaul its brand personality. But can even the Steve Jobs of the ad world pull off such a stunt for the House of Vista?Fast Company Staff Writer Danielle Sacks is available to discuss the motivation behind this unlikely pairing, and weigh in on Microsoft’s chances for brand reinvention.

Special Report: China Storms Africa, pg.100

In less than a decade, China has swept across sub-Saharan Africa, locking down supplies of nearly every natural resource known to man, from timber to copper to oil. Investigative reporter Richard Behar traveled to the region for Fast Company, bringing back an epic tale that transforms not only our view of the planet but also our role upon it. Contributing writer Richard Behar, winner of the National Magazine Award and the Loeb Award, among many others, is available to discuss globalization and Sino-American competition in an increasingly resource-hungry world.

18 Programs to Supercharge Your iPhone, pg. 59.

As the iPhone nears its first birthday, tech blogger Robert Scoble taps his network of experts to identify the latest and greatest software for the iPhone addict. Robert Scoble is available via satellite from San Francisco to demonstrate new iPhone applications and show how easy it is to get them on your phone.

Coffee, By The Numbers, pg.37.


Did you know that 23,000 cups of Java are downed every second? Or that coffee is the second-most-traded commodity after oil? Hot or cold, decaf or regular, coffee is everyone’s favorite morning addiction. The June issue takes a look at the hidden facts and figures behind every cup of Joe. Senior Editor Jeff Chu is available to discuss the numbers behind the most popular caffeine delivery system on earth.

The New Business of Broadway, pg.43.

With the Tony Awards coming on June 15,Fast Company spotlights a diverse group of outsiders-from the worlds of finance, film, and TV-who are upsetting theater’s status quo and producing some of the most exciting and crowd-pleasing shows in years, including the smash hit, all-black Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and the Tony-award winning Spring Awakening. Speak with Fast Company contributing writer Cora Daniels about these new investment opportunities and audiences for live theater.

Marketing’s Dirty Shame, pg.60.

Visa’s Check Card conga. Wisk’s Ring Around the Collar. Sprint’s Connectile Dysfunction. When advertisers make us feel bad about ourselves, inventing stigmas to sell us the cure, they step over the line. Fast Company columnists Dan Heath and Chip Heath are available to discuss why this trend is pernicious, how academic research explains the negative long-term effects of creating stigmas around everyday behavior, and what we can do about it.

The Myths of the “Buy Local” Movement, pg.128.


Proponents of the “Buy Local” movement promise a slew of economic benefits. But a clear-eyed assessment finds more fervor than facts. Senior editor David Lidsky is available to discuss what’s really behind the arguments of “buy-local bullies.”

Celebrity Graduates, pg.36.

Fast Company looks at several honorary-degree recipients, from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to JetBlue founder David Neeleman and astrophysicist Sheila Widnall- and finds out how they earned their doctorates. Staff writer Anya Kamenetz is available to discuss this spring’s honorees.

The World’s Biggest Wind Farm, pg.80.

T. Boone Pickens has built a fortune on oil. So why at age 80 is he plunging $10 billion into the world’s largest wind farm? The Texas billionaire shares his predictions for the future of energy and looses his razor tongue on Hillary Clinton’s integrity and Al Gore’s environmental ideas-and calls John Kerry an “f-ing liar”! Articles editor Tom Foster is available to discuss wind power and Boone Pickens’ strange transformation.

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