Samsung’s Smartphone Sales Grow 44 Percent, Netflix Users Take Up A Third Of U.S. Bandwidth, Amazon In Talks For Kindle In China

Samsung Trumps As Top Smartphone Maker. Samsung has ousted Apple, it’s recent sparring partner over tablet patent lawsuits, as the world’s top smartphone maker. (Apple is now second.) The Korean manufacturer announced in their Q3 earnings report that they’d seen a 44 percent increase in smartphone shipments since July, Reuters reports. That makes 27.8 million units, four times what Samsung was selling a year ago, according to research from Strategy Analytics. —NS

Netflix Is America’s Biggest Bandwidth Hog. Almost a third of Internet bandwidth in the U.S. comes from users streaming Netflix, according to a new report from broadband service and research firm Sandvine. Streaming rates are up 10 percent since the spring, making Netflix the largest Internet service on U.S. networks, hogging 32 percent of traffic during peak time, PC Magazine reports. —NS

Amazon Talking To Chinese Regulators About Kindle Line Release. The Kindle is headed to China. Amazon executives are discussing the launch of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader and their tablet, the Kindle Fire, with regulators in China, Reuters reports. A timeline for the launch has yet to be set, Amazon VP Marc Onetto said, and the company had not plans yet to work with local vendors. —NS

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