Featured in the April 2009 Issue of Fast Company

Cover Story: Boy Wonder (The Kid Who Made Obama President), by Ellen McGirt, page 58
The untold story of how Chris Hughes, at the tender age of 25, helped create two of the most successful startups in modern history: Facebook and the Barack Obama campaign. Fast Company reveals exclusive details in the magazine and in accompanying coverage online at

Finely Tuned, by Anya Kamenetz, page 66
In one of the great untold media stories of the past decade. NPR has become the country’s largest newsgathering giant. How CEO Vivian Schiller plans to deploy digital tactics, and good old-fashioned shoe leather to save the news business.

10 High-Octane Ways to Rev Up the Car Business, page 72
From the iPhone Solution to Pimp My Prius, real-world ideas to save the car business from genomics whiz J. Craig Venter, the founder of ZipCar, Cisco’s smart-garage guru and more.

Rwanda Rising, by Jeff Chu, page 80
In the wake of the brutal genocide that killed one-eighth of Rwanda’s population 15 years ago this month, president Paul Kagame has tapped business leaders from Costco, Google, Starbucks, and more to create a new model for economic success.

Om My!, by Danielle Sacks, page 92
Yoga may be the ancient route to self-knowledge and discipline, but for moving $90 leggings, Lululemon found it a little “too slow.” Danielle Sacks reports on how the om-oriented niche retailer is creating a cult following for its yoga gear by incorporating secrets from The Secret and other controversial self-help classics.

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