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Magazine ranks #2 on Hot List (of "Ten under 60")

New York, March 23, 2009 - Adweek magazine today named Robert Safian, editor of Fast Company magazine and, "Editor of the Year" as part of its annual Hot List and Magazine Special Report. Fast Company was also named to the No. 2 spot on Adweek's Hot List ranking of "Ten Under 60" for magazines with annual revenue of $60 million and under.

"As Editor of the Year, Fast Company's Robert Safian looks for stories with an element of fun, surprise and overcoming adversity," Lucia Moses wrote in the intro to the Adweek Special Report. "He need not look further than his own magazine. Fast Company was widely written off for dead [before] Morningstar founder (and white knight) Joe Mansueto bankrolled a dramatic advertising and circulation turnaround. Key to that success was Safian, AdweekMedia's Editor of the Year, who reestablished the business book as the authority on innovation while reviving a stodgy category. As the nation looks towards a recovery, a magazine about innovation that will drive that recovery would appear well-positioned for growth itself."

Safian, who became editor and managing director of Fast Company in 2007, previously served as executive editor at Fortune, executive editor at Time and, for six years, as the top editor at Money. He has led Fast Company to numerous accolades including Magazine of the Year honors from the Society of Business Editors and Writers and both the Adweek Hot List and the Ad Age A-list in 2008. Safian was personally recognized with an Innovator of the Year Award from B-2-B Media. He has appeared on CNN and other TV networks and has been a featured speaker at events ranging from the Cisco Systems CIO Summit to Chicago's City of the Year luncheon with Mayor Richard Daley. Already in 2009, Fast Company has been nominated for two National Magazine Awards, in the categories of Reporting and General Excellence, by the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME).

"Bob is the consummate brand ambassador," says Fast Company publisher Christine Osekoski. "He also truly understands the importance of having a solid base of progressive and innovative advertising partners."

Mansueto Ventures CEO John Koten who hired Safian in 2007 says: "American business is going through a revolution unlike anything most of us have experienced in our lifetimes. Under Bob's leadership, Fast Company is - both in print and online - on the cutting edge of describing the creative and innovative elements of this revolution in a way that really helps our passionate readers make the most of it."

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