Fast Company Announces 2011 Ranking Of The World’s Most Innovative Companies


Nissan, Burberry & Univision among the companies honored in the March 2011 issue and at


New York, February 16, 2011Fast Company‘s annual Most Innovative Companies issue honors major brands including Facebook, PepsiCo, and ESPN, along with such rising newcomers as, Groupon, and SynCardia. Apple leads the annual ranking of the top 50 for dominating the business landscape in 101 ways.

Overall, Fast Company recognizes 350-plus companies, including more than 75 non-U.S. businesses. From Russia’s Yandex (No. 26) to Brazil’s Azul (No. 47) to South Korea’s Samsung (No. 43) to China’s Huawei (No. 18), Fast Company‘s Most Innovative Companies spans the globe.

In addition to the top 50, Fast Company presents updates on past honorees, including Disney, Hulu, and RealD. Fast Company also ranks the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in 26 categories. The top 10 in fashion, biotech, music, design, and advertising are featured in the print edition; other categories will be rolled out on over the coming weeks.


“Innovation has never been more important to our economy and our future,” said Fast Company editor Robert Safian. “These companies embody what unleashing human potential can accomplish.”

  • Why Apple Is No. 1, page 69
    It’s not just the iPad – it’s the platform for innovation that Apple has enabled. The proof: our selection of 100 Apple-affiliated achievers changing our life, our work, and our world.
  • Zynga: Activate the Dog, page 84, by Ellen McGirt
    The only-in-Silicon-Valley tale of a CEO who grew up by playing games.
  • Photo Essay: Sweet Madécasse, page 118, photographs by Livia Corona
    Building a bean-to-bar chocolate company in impoverished Madagascar.
  • Most Innovative Companies Alumni, page 18
    Whose efforts at reinvention are paying off—and whose aren’t.
  • Top 10 By Industry, page 126
    We rank the best and brightest across 26 categories, from energy to finance to media to sports

The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2011

#1 Apple
For dominating the business landscape, in 101 ways
#26 Yandex
For its prowess in search
#2 Twitter
For five years of explosive growth that has redefined communication
#27 Amazon
For writing new plot twists for e-readers and beyond
#3 Facebook
For 600 million users, despite Hollywood
#28 Opening Ceremony
For building a global brand that still feels exclusive
#4 Nissan
For creating the Leaf, the first mass-market all-electric car
#29 IBM
For its computer that outsmarts quiz-show kings
#5 Groupon
For reinvigorating retail – and turning down
$6 billion
#30 Amyris
For using its biofuel expertise to save malaria victims
#6 Google
For instantly upgrading the search experience
#31 Double Negative
For blowing our minds with Oscar-worthy visual effects
#7 Dawning Information Industry
For building the world’s fastest supercomputer
#32 Kaspersky Lab
For turning hackers into an army of virus fighters
#8 Netflix
For streaming itself into a $9 billion powerhouse (and crushing Blockbuster)
#33 PepsiCo
For its ambitious nutrition R&D
#9 Zynga
For being the $500 million alpha dog of social gaming
#34 Univision
For pleasing its Latino base-and threatening the TV establishment
#10 Epocrates
For giving doctors and nurses instant drug reference
#35 SnØhetta
For design that’s both social and beautiful
#11 Trader Joe’s
For vaulting past Whole Foods to become America’s favorite speciality grocer
#36 Marks & Spencer
For aggressively pursuing a green supply chain
#12 ARM
For efficiently powering the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and nearly every other mobile device
#37 Microsoft
For turning the human body into a game controller
#13 Burberry
For breathing new life into a luxury stronghold
#38 SolarCity
For being the nation’s leading installer of rooftop solar panels
#14 Kosaka Smelting and Refining
For turning old cell phones into gold mines
For proving that marriage, Indian-style, works online as well as off
#15 Foursquare
For creating a new way to reward customer loyalty
#40 Voxiva
For encouraging good health via mobile apps
#16 ESPN
For integrating new tech like a startup
#41 Cisco
For big thinking on big new markets
#17 Turner Sports
For growing like a new tech startup
#42 Enerkem
For finding the hidden power of trash
#18 Huawei
For building the future of telecoms
#43 Samsung
For transforming itself into a steady source of cutting-edge electronics
#19 Intel
For its big bet on domestic manufacturing
#44 Pandora
For taking personalized music on the road
#20 SynCardia
For giving artificial-heart recipients room to roam
#45 GE
For its green dreams for trains, planes, and automation
For connecting kids who need supplies to donors who want to help
#46 Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group
For turning corn husks into chemical building blocks
#22 eBay
For transforming the mobile marketplace
#47 Azul
For converting bus riders into frequent fliers
#23 Nike
For its mix of sports, style, and, yes, plastic bottles
#48 Stamen Design
For finding both art and science in data (and on Twitter)
#24 LinkedIn
For turning 90 million members into the world’s most useful career database
#49 FX Networks
For a great run of high-quality, low-cost laffers
#25 Wieden+Kennedy
For dominating the airwaves and the Internet with its Old Spice campaign
#50 Madécasse
For building a bean-to-bar chocolate company in one of the poorest countries in the world

Fast Company‘s Most Innovative Companies March 2011 issue is on newsstands beginning February 22nd and available online at


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