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cite {display:none !important;} .timestamp {display:none !important;} March 23, 2011 COVER STORY: Google: The Quest, by Farhad Manjoo, page 68 How new CEO Larry Page will lead the company he cofounded—and where he needs to watch his step. Plus: What Google can learn from Facebook, Apple, GE, and others.


March 23, 2011


COVER STORY: Google: The Quest, by Farhad Manjoo, page 68
How new CEO Larry Page will lead the company he cofounded—and where he needs to watch his step.
Plus: What Google can learn from Facebook, Apple, GE, and others.

Follow the Billionaire, by April Rabkin, page 78
Recycling tycoon Chen Guangbiao says he wants to be “the top philanthropist in the world.” Inside his effort to transform charity in China—and make a name for himself.

The Greatest Article Ever!, by Rick Tetzeli and Ari Karpel, page 82
Inspired by Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock’s bold new documentary about the ubiquity of branding messages in our daily lives, we embark on our own no-holds-barred exploration of the relationship between content and advertising.

  • Red Carpet Spectacular: On April 20th, Fast Company will host the L.A. premiere of Morgan Spurlock’s POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.
  • Spurlock Uncensored: Morgan Spurlock will speak about the relationship between branding and content at Fast Company’s 2nd annual Innovation Uncensored on April 28th in NYC. The conference is sold out. To sign up for the wait list, click here.
  • Online Extras Include: An interactive version of the print article; behind-the-scenes footage from interviews and photo shoots; and a brand scorecard based on the movie.

A Sea of Dollars, by Charles Fishman, page 94
Water is a high-stakes business, with money to be made everywhere you look—from greasy wool to microchips. How water management is a strategic business tool at Coca-Cola, GE, IBM and more.
Plus: Water World: An eye-opening look at the numbers of the water industry.

The New Junk Food, by Douglas McGray, page 101
Former Coca-Cola executive Jeff Dunn left the company to become CEO of Bolthouse Farms. Why? To double the $1 billion baby-carrot business—and promote healthy eating—by marketing the vegetable like Doritos. And he knows every snack-marketing trick in the book.

Wikipedia’s Librarian to the World, by Karen Valby, page 104
Sue Gardener has transformed the site’s broken business into a growing hub with global ambitions. Can a fast-talking iconoclast out-think Silicon Valley’s gurus?


Afghanistan’s Sun God, by April Rabkin, page 111
In Afghanistan, living off the grid isn’t a tree hugger’s dream—it’s reality. How a renewable-power startup called Sustainable Energy Services Afghanistan is lighting things up.


A Digital Impresario for H&M and Yahoo, by Reena Jana, page 31
Vivian Rosenthal is crafting experiences for consumers with a mix of architecture, video, mobile apps, and augmented reality.

Bloomberg Greens Its Bottom Line, by Paul Tullis, page 36
Why Bloomberg broke into the business of measuring other companies’ good deeds.

Attack of The Summit Series, by Lisa Katayama, page 38
The next big wave in the conference world sports an adrenaline-fueled doing-good-while-feeling-good attitude.

DIY Pepsi, by Danielle Sacks, page 42
How a home-soda maker is rocking the beverage world.


Big Bang Design, by Linda Tischler, page 45
Testing the power of creativity—in middle school—pays off for kids and businesses.

Life in Beta, by Anya Kamenetz, page 50
Why betting big on sustainability is an act of faith.

America’s Best Ballpark Food, by Margaret Rhodes, page 55
Our picks for the most mouthwatering items hitting concession stands in 2011.

Robo Force, by Rachel Z. Arndt, page 57
Leaders at IBM, MIT, Movia Robotics and Carnegie Mellon deploy robots in the real world, from offices to hospitals—even helping kids with autism.

Wanted, page 65
Sleek furniture, inspiration from landscape architect Ken Smith, daring umbrella designs, and one phone built to last forever.

Facebook: By The Numbers, page 128
The scale of Facebook’s operation is astonishing.


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