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April 21, 2011

COVER STORY: Lessons of LeBron: The World's Greatest Chemistry Experiment, by Chuck Salter, page 80 When the Miami Heat raided the free-agent talent market last summer, many people declared the franchise unstoppable. But the road has hardly been without bumps. From the Ego Equation to the Platoon Principle, here's what every business can learn about teamwork.

The $100 Billion Sharing Economy, by Danielle Sacks, page 88 Thanks to the social web, you can now share anything with anyone, anywhere in the world. Is this the end of hyperconsumption?

Fast Cities 2011: The United States of Innovation, page 95
Bold ideas and brilliant urbanites are transforming America from coast to coast.

  • Houston, We Have Liftoff, page 96
    Why Houston is our 2011 City of the Year.
  • The Evangelist, by Jeff Chu, page 102
    Mayor Anise Parker proves that Houston isn't the redneck capital of your imagination.
  • 50 Heroes From 50 States, page 104
    How innovators are helping to build the cities of America's future.

The Cure, by Russ Mitchell, page 108
How Wright L. Lassiter III saved an inner-city hospital plagued by mistrust, mismanagement, and million-dollar losses.

Cargill's Sweet Success, by Ben Paynter, page 112
When supersecretive agricultural giant Cargill decided to attack the no-calorie-sweetener market dominated by Sweet'N Low, Splenda, and Equal, it set up basement war rooms and covert labs. Only now can the inside story of Truvia—and it's unlikely triumph—be told.

China's Small Steps Forward, photo portfolio by Mark Leong, page 118
For residents in Shenzhen, the New Balance factory is a path to a better life.


Everyone, and Everything Is Connected
From Cisco to the Middle East, Steven Tyler to OpenTable, company picnics to "techplomacy," our 35-page guide to the latest in collaboration, connectivity, and creation.

Conference Addicts, by Clay Dillow, page 24
What brings Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Arianna Huffington, and others together?

Six degrees of Steven Tyler, by Dan Macsai, page 26
The gaudy, money-filled intersection of American Idol and Aerosmith.

Brave New Coworking World, by Christina Chaey, page 29
The rent-a-desk movement matures.

Aspiring in India, by Leah Fabel, page 32
Prepping a new generation of workers for a global job boom.

Cisco's Health Net, by Elizabeth Svoboda, page 36
The doctor of tomorrow is remote.

Global Air Hubs, by Greg Lindsay, page 38.
Why the Mideast is the center of the sky.

As OpenTable Booms, Who Gets the Dough? By Farhad Manjoo, page 40
The inevitable push-pull between a platform and its hungry customers.

The Twitterfly Effect, by Linda Tischler, page 44
Inside RISD's struggle to embrace the social web.

The Path Taken, by Ellen McGirt, page 48
How a former Facebooker decided to launch a new, more personal network.

How to Network a Company Picnic, by Doogie Horner, page 52
A step-by-step flowchart.

Life In Beta: The Republic of Mentors, by Anya Kamenetz, page 56
Why we should rethink the traditional top-down, elder-younger mentorship model.

Techplomacy, by E.B. Boyd and Rachel Z. Arndt, page 71
How Silicon Valley execs, entrepreneurs, and activists are advancing America's overseas goals through technology.

The Business of Piracy, by Margaret Rhodes, page 138
From the high seas of Disney's latest Caribbean film to high-stakes illegal downloads.

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