Infographic: A Driving Tour Of Global Car Sharing

Most urban Americans are–by this point–likely aware of car sharing and the potential benefits it can bring. Owning a car can be an expensive proposition, given upkeep, parking, and insurance. And with public transit nearby, there isn’t much need for a car except in very specific circumstances. Thus, renting a car from a company or a neighbor just for the moments you need one becomes quite economical.

Given those realities, and new technology that is making it easier to implement, car sharing is taking off around the world. A new infographic, designed by Hyperakt and created by the Collaborative Fund (the folks behind the collaborative consumption house graphic), lets you drive a car through a landscape that shows the benefits of car sharing. For instance:

Car sharing, by its very existence, helps reduce traffic and congestion. As you can see in the image at the top of this post, that makes a huge difference for the environment, as well: Car sharing around the world led to a reduction of half a million tons of carbon.

And that’s just the beginning. Car sharing is beginning to boom in North America, with 100 times the number of vehicles available to be shared than 10 years ago, and more than half a million people participating:

And that’s just in North America. As the car in the graphic makes its way through the whimsical landscape, you can click on various flags to find stats and info about the companies and services offering car sharing around the world, from places like France (whose municipal car sharing we wrote about here) to smaller countries like Costa Rica.

You can play with the full infographic and get the full car-sharing picture here. Make sure you click on some of the animated animals. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.MC