Frequently-Asked Questions

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Q: Who can post comments on
A: Anyone. But if your comment contains a link of any kind, it will be held in moderation until approved. The comment system is moderated so that we can spend time with engaging discussions rather than policing spam.


Q: Can I comment anonymously?
A: In order to leave a comment, you must give us a valid email address, along with a first and last name. We have no way of verifying this identity, but that does not mean you are entirely anonymous either.

Q: Can I be banned from commenting?
A: Yes. Commenters who are excessively self-promotional, obnoxious, over-use obscenities, or abuse others will be banned from the site. Users will be banned without being notified. Users can appeal a ban by emailing

Q: Can I edit or delete one of my comments?
A: You can edit your comments for up to 15 minutes after it is posted; just click on the pencil icon below the comment. We only delete comments if the material is offensive or abusive. Users can alert moderators to such comments by clicking on the exclamation point icon below the comment in question. If you want to delete a comment for another reason, you should send an email to and include a link to and a description of the comment.

Q: Can I blog on
A: Currently, only Staff members, Guest bloggers, and Expert bloggers can blog at

Q: How do I become an Expert blogger on
A: Whether you are a member with an existing blog page or a new member who has just joined the site, you can learn how to contribute by reading our guidelines.

Q: Can I be banned from blogging on
A: Yes. Just like commenting, a member of the site can be banned because of the blog posts they are creating. The same sort of questionable material will get you banned: spam-filled posts, libelous posts, excessive use of obscenity, or other inappropriate content. Users will be banned without being notified.


Q: What social platforms does Fast Company use?
A: Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Foursquare.

Q: I used to log on and comment on your site through Facebook Connect…
A: We no longer support Facebook Connect as a way to log on to the site. Our new process to join the site is very quick and you will be posting your thoughts in no time.

Q: What happens to the comments I made on using Facebook Connect?
A: An account created through Facebook Connect, including comments and blog posts, still exist. That said, user should create a new account. They can then email with the URL of their old Facebook Connect account and their new account, and we will move the old content to the new profile.

Q: Can I be removed from
A: Yes. If you no longer wish to have a profile page at you may send an email to with a request for your account to be deleted along with the URL of your profile page. After your profile is deleted, your comments and blog posts remain on the site.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: Click to read our sites’ terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Q: I love but I also want to subscribe to the print magazine. How do I do that?
A: Click to our Magazine Subscription page.


Q: I love but I also subscribe to the print magazine. Whom may I contact if I have magazine subscription problems?
A: Click to our Subscriber Customer Care page.

Q: How do I purchase back issues of Fast Company magazine?
A: Click to our Webstore page.

Q: How do I license or order a reprint of an article?
A: Click to our Reprints and Permissions page.