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Are Apps Evolving From Useful To Universal? [Video]

What apps do you actually use? Sure I have over 100 apps downloaded on my phone. I never use them. All told I use 6 apps regularly, and most of those are the native iPhone apps from Apple like Safari, Mail, Weather, and Stocks.

"There's 50 things loaded up on my phone at any given time, and 40 of them I never use," says Tony Conrad, Partner, True Ventures.

It seems like a waste of such beautiful hardware not to use more apps. App Mania persists much to the benefit of Google and Apple, suddenly the gatekeepers of everything you seek on your phone.

"What I've seen some of the smarter mobile app developers doing is building in HTML5 or javascript, and then putting a lightweight wrapper around the product that allows them to submit it as an app in an app store," says Mark Suster, Partner, GRP Partners.

Are apps indeed the future? Will mobile browsing crawl out of infancy and be able to power experiences on a similar scale as applications you've downloaded? Applications have the ability to take advantage of native features of the phone, such as the camera or GPS. However, asking the user to make a download puts a roadblock in their path to accessing your product.

Perhaps on a long enough timeline, apps will change the entire nature of browsing by moving your point of access from an address in the open web domain to a query in the App Store. I'd like to think a more likely scenario is that gradually phones will refine to one button that simply asks where you'd like to go.

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