Netflix Suffers Big Subscription Losses, China Bans “Occupy Wall Street” Searches, Apple Posts Jobs Memorial Video

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More Troubles For Netflix. Netflix reported quarterly earnings today, and as exected, the subscription service suffered more losses. Domestic users fell to 23.8 million, from 24.6 million, according to Netflix, “driven by a higher than expected level of cancellations.” Still, the company’s revenue went up by 49% year over year, to $822 million. 


WikiLeaks Stops Publishing, Needs Cash. Founder Julian Assange has suspended publications via WikiLeaks in order to concentrate on accruing funds, else the whistle-blowing site risks facing bankruptcy by the end of this year. Assange blames a “financial blockade” by big-name credit card and banking companies which closed out payment processing options for Assange’s site. –KE

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China Bans “Occupy Wall Street”-Related Searches. Massively popular Chinese web portal Sina Weibo has created a database of Occupy Wall Street-related keywords which are now banned. Chinese Internet users without a VPN will now have trouble searching for, among others, “Occupy Beijing,” “Occupy Shanghai,” “Occupy Qingado,” and “Occupy Financial Street.” — NU

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Apple Posts Jobs Memorial Video. Apple has published a live video recording of the Steve Jobs memorial and celebration held on the Apple campus on October 19. Until the day of the memorial, from the time Steve Jobs died, the Apple home page was converted to a spare, sombre tribute to the company’s cofounder. Last week, a page on the Apple website streamed a selection of the millions of personal messages Apple fans sent in from around the world when they heard about Jobs’s death. —NS

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Microsoft Licensing 50% of Androids. Microsoft just revealed that, thanks to a deal with Compal, it’s signed up enough significant companies that over 50% of all Android devices sold, with Google technology inside, are sold with an MS license. The figure is non-trivial, since Android has now swept the board as the most popular mobile operating system, and it competes with MS’s own Windows Phone 7 product. –KE

Netflix Will Stream To U.K. And Ireland In 2012. Four years after Netflix launched streaming in the U.S. they’ve announced that they’ll expand their streaming service across the Atlantic to the U.K. and Ireland. Movie buffs will be able to stream to tablets, PCs, and phones. There’s been no word yet about their getting DVDs by mail. In 2010, Netflix expanded to Canada, and started streaming to 43 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in September this year. —NS


Google Launches Person Finder in Turkish. In the aftermath of the earthquake that shook Eastern Turkey on Sunday afternoon, Google has launched Person Finder–their publicly visible and editable tracking system for missing people who’ve been located–in Turkish. The service is one of the tools that Google’s Crisis Response system deploys following a large scale disaster, and has been used after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, after the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and after the Japan tsunami. —NS

NASA Mulling Filling Stations In Space. “Propellant depots” are space-based fuel stations that NASA is considering using, to allow crafts to refuel while in space. Current spacecrafts carry their store of fuel for the whole mission with them. NASA engineers will meet next month to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using a space filling system, and its potential for allowing more ambitious and longer missions, the New York Times explains. —NS

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