The Uncollection: Branding That Doesn’t Require Buying Anything

For many people, one of the most satisfying things about buying a new widget is the brand attached to it–whether it’s an Apple logo on the iPhone or a Prada logo on a handbag. Unconsumption, a Tumblr blog that explores the idea of creative reuse, is turning the branding concept on its head with the Uncollection, a project that invites DIY-ers of all stripes to stick the Unconsumption logo–a shopping cart known as Mr. Cart–on items they already own.

Unlike nearly every other logo in existence, the Uncollection invites people to brand their own products. Want a Mr. Cart-branded pair of earrings? No problem. How about a beer bottle? Do it yourself. And unlike with the fake branded products often sold on city streets, no one will get you in trouble for adding Mr. Cart to everything you own.

The Uncollection already has some impressive entries, but the folks behind Unconsumption tell us that they’re looking for more. Pictures can be submitted here.

[Images: Unconsumption]

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