Apple Hits $28.27B In Quarterly Revenues, Virgin Galactic Dedicates Spaceport, Twitter Signups Spike After iOS 5

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Apple Posts Quarterly Revenue of $28.27 Billion. Riding record Mac and iPad sales, Apple reported $6.62 billion of net quarterly profit, up from $4.31 billion the same quarter last year. The company’s iPhone devices also experienced a 21% growth in sales, to 17.07 million units sold. Still, Apple sold just 6.62 iPods, a 27% unit deline year-over-year, and while the company may have beat its own guidance, it fell slightly short of Street expectations in revenue.


Virgin Galactic Dedicates New Mexico “Spaceport.” Richard Branson and New Mexico Governor Susan Martinez dedicated Virgin’s space launchpad home at Spaceport America yesterday, which will serve as the terminal for future space tourists blasting off to infinity and beyond. The 120,000-square foot “Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space” will serve as a hangar for seven vehicles, and will house mission and astronaut training facilities. —NS

ITC Courts Say Apple In The Clear. In a preliminary ruling, the U.S. International Trade Commission has said struck down phone maker HTC’s claim that Apple violated four of their patents. At a meeting in February, the full ITC commission will make the final decision on whether to uphold the judge’s decision. —NS

iOS 5 Twitter Integration Upped Signups. Speaking at Web 2.0 yesterday, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo talked numbers, after Apple released iOS 5 last week in the new iPhone 4S and as a software update for earlier iPhones. Built-in Twitter integration on iOS encouraged three times as many people to sign up just on the first day the OS was out, Costolo said. Twitter’s rich media ads are also expected to up signups to the social network, which Costolo said is now worth “an even $8 billion.” — NS

[Image: Mark Greenberg/Virgin Galactic]


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