iPhone 4S Sales Top 4 Million, RIM To Offer Free Apps For Outage, Wireless Users To Get Overage Alerts

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AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Report Record iPhone 4S Sales. Carriers and customers alike are enchanted with Apple’s newest bauble. Apple spilled its sale numbers earlier today, and carriers in the U.S. are also reporting a record breaking few days of sales. According to Forbes, Sprint, carrying an iPhone for the first time, saw records break in web, retail and telesales. AT&T, apologizing for downtime on its servers, said that it was on the way to doubling the number of phones it had activated on an iPhone launch day. —NS


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iPhone 4S Sales Top Four Million. Apple’s just issued a press release noting that sales of the iPhone 4S have surpassed 4 million over the course of its launch weekend. Phill Schiller notes that it’s the “most ever for a phone and more than double the iPhone 4 launch during its first three days.” More than 20 million customers have already signed up for iCloud too. –KE

RIM To Offer Peeved BlackBerry Users Free Apps. RIM execs didn’t stop at a YouTube apology. To mollify miffed BlackBerry customers after a RIM server hiccup left scores of users email-free and BBM-less for three days last week, RIM now says that it will offer affected users free apps worth more than $100 and a month of free technical support. The apps will be available starting October 19 and will stay downloadable for one month. —NS

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Carriers Agree To Warn Customers About Overage Fees. The Federal Communications Commission will announce a new agreement today, which aims to lessen stiff overage charges that cell phone users in the U.S. unknowingly rack up. The goal of the agreement between carriers and the FCC is to improve carriers’ communication with wireless device users by offering them a better understanding of their usage and billing. Wireless carriers will need to provide free, automatic alerts by text or voice when customers approach an overage threshold: for example, when they connect to an international carrier, or near their data or texting limit. Carriers also agreed to promote tools that help users track their wireless habits, the New York Times explains. —NS


Samsung Sues Apple In Japan. Another day, another lawsuit. Samsung is filing injunctions in Japan and Australia to ban the sale of Apple‘s iPhone 4S. In Japan, Samsung is also requesting a ban on sales of Apple’s iPad 2. Even as new suits are filed, court hearings so far are siding with Apple over Samsung in their patent sue-off: Last week judges in Australia, the Netherlands, and the U.S. were among those that ruled in the Cupertino company’s favor. —NS

Starbucks iTunes Downloads Hit The U.K. As further evidence of Apple’s intent to get serious in markets outside the U.S., Apple and Starbucks are launching a collaboration in the U.K. that will give customers a free weekly iTunes download with their caffeine fix. The Starbucks-Apple offer has been a U.S. staple since 2006. Starting today, coffee lovers in the U.K. will get a download card from any U.K. Starbucks location with a Starbucks purchase, and will be able to access a free iBooks or music download. —NS

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