RIP Google Buzz, Occupy Wall Streeters Not Evicted, Google Plans Music Store, Samsung’s New Phone Due Oct. 19

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RIP Google Buzz. Google has announced a “fall sweep” of services to be shuttered over the coming months. Failed social media solution Google Buzz will be disappearing, as will Jaiku, iGoogle’s social features and the University Research Program for Google Search. As previously announced, and will be subsumed into Google Product Search. One more beloved Google service, Google Labs, will be shuttered at end of day. —NU


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#OccupyWallStreet-ers Not To Be Evicted. Owners of Zuccotti Park, the center of New York’s Occupy Wall Street protests, have decided against evicting Occupy Wall Street protestors to clean their property. They had requested a police escort for this cleanup, but withdrew that request last night, causing protestors to rejoice and Twitter to reel. —NS

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Wiretap Affair Could Oust Murdochs. A key shareholder group is maneuvering to oust Rupert Murdoch and his two sons from the management of News Corp., calling for the board to eject the men and for an independent investigation into the phone hacking scandal–the aftereffects of which are still echoing around the world. –KE

iPhone 4S Intial Sales Could Reach 4M. As Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak assumes first place in a line to buy an iPhone 4S from a local Apple store, analysts are predicting that demand for the device is so high it could even result in sales up to 4 million units in the first weekend (though most estimates say 2-3)–breaking records as it goes. –KE

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Facebook Faces Lawsuit For Wiretap Law Violation. News that Facebook tracked users’ web activity when they “Liked” something, even after they logged out of the social network, made several users uncomfortable. Now a Mississippi woman has filed a lawsuit against the social network, and is hoping to gain class action status for it, which would allow other users to join her petition, the Register explains. —NS

Hulu Is Not For Sale. Hulu’s owners had hoped to find a buyer among big names like Amazon, Google, Yahoo, the Dish Network and others, but announced yesterday that the company was no longer for sale. In a joint statement, they said that they would focus would be on the future of the company as an independent web streaming service. —NS

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In U.S., Judge On Apple’s Side. Incredulous that a Samsung lawyer couldn’t tell an Apple iPad and Galaxy 10.1 apart from 10 feet away, a U.S. judge has sided with Apple in the global patent war between the two companies. Though she said that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets infringe Apple’s iPad patents, she has yet to rule on Apple’s request to ban the sale of Samsung tabs. Yesterday, Apple won an injunction in Australia temporarily banned the sale of Samsung’s tablets in the country until the full patent battle was resolved. —NS

Samsung Will Launch New Phone On October 19. Samsung and Google delayed their planned launch of the Ice Cream Sandwich powered Nexus Prime as a tribute to Steve Jobs’ death. They’ve now announced that they’ll be pulling the covers off a new phone in Hong Kong on October 19, which will run the Google’s newest Android avatar. —NS


Google Hurrying To Launch Music Store. Google is reportedly in talks with music labels to hurry up and launch an online music store. Google launched their cloud music player, Music Beta, in May. The New York Times explains that their target may be to unveil the mp3 store before Apple’s competing cloud service, iTunes Match, rolls out by the end of the month. —NS

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