Google Posts $9.72B In Revenue, CBS, Time Warner Sign Netflix Deal, Romney Attacks Obama Over Piracy

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Zynga Reveals More About Its IPO Plans. In a newly amended IPO prospectus social gaming pioneer Zynga revealed that they have chosen to go public, perhaps not surprisingly, on the Nasdaq exchange. The filing also revealed exactly how much control of the company CEO Mark Pincus holds. As noted by Wall Street Journal that’s 38.5% of the company’s voting power. —LK


Waste Management Invests In Recyclebank. Waste Management is investing an undisclosed amount in RecycleBank, a brand that rewards people with discounts and deals for recycling. As part of the investment, RecycleBank’s rewards program will be made available to Waste Management’s 20 million North American customers. —AS

Google Q3 Revenue Hits $9.72 Billion. Google announced its third quarter earnings, and as Larry Page boasted in a company earnings call, the search giant hit huge revenues of $9.72 billion, up 33% year over year–and far more than analysts had forecasted. Page also was excited to talk about the company’s product success, commenting on how well Chrome, Android, and Google+ are doing. The company’s social network and Facebook competitor, he said, had already reached 40 million users.     

Time Warner, CBS Sign Exclusive Streaming Deal With Netflix. According to New York Times media guru Brian Stelter, beleaguered Netflix has reportedly just signed a very big content agreement. CBS and Time Warner have agreed to an exclusive four-year streaming deal for their television programs. Terms of the deal, which appears to include everything from HBO to The Big Bang Theory, are undisclosed. –NU

Romney Attack Ad Bashes Obama Piracy Policy. A new Mitt Romney attack ad takes on Chinese piracy of software and iPhones. The very nerd-centric commercial implies that the Obama administration has been soft on intellectual property laws. –NU

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Angry Birds Maker Plans Happy $1B 2012 IPO. Rovio, maker of the insanely popular Angry Birds casual game line, is said to be planning its IPO as soon as 2012, and could be worth “a bit north of a billion dollars.” The suggestion came from its chief marketing officer, meaning the news is pretty much straight from the horse’s or bird’s mouth. –KE


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Verizon To Follow Users’ Mobile Web Habits (If They Let Them). Verizon is changing its privacy policy this week, and will be accessing user information including websites visited and location data, and sharing some of that with outside companies. This will be used for “business and marketing reports” and advertising, the company explained on their website. While none of the information will identify individuals, users can opt out of this by changing the settings on their account. –NS

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Occupy Wall Street Crosses The Atlantic. As of last evening, 4,000 people have expressed their intention to attend a “Occupy London Stock Exchange” demonstration in London. The peaceful demonstration will take place on October 15 and is an extension of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration which began in New York and has spread to several cities in the U.S. —NS

Apple Scores Against Samsung In Australia. A judge has granted Apple a win against Samsung in the Australian edition of the tablet patent war that the companies are fighting in courts around the world. According to the injunction, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 will not be sold in Australia while a full patent case is prepared, potentially affecting Samsung’s holiday sales, ZDNet Australia reports. —NS


Ebay Adds Image Recognition. Ebay‘s foray into image recognition technology on their mobile service will save users some legwork (and time) shopping for things they see and like. A photograph of the object can be submitted to Ebay, which will hunt down similar pieces in its online store. Reuters explains that it’s yet to be known if it will work for products that aren’t clothes or accessories. Company execs, who announced the feature at Ebay’s San Francisco developer conference, said it would be available by the end of the year. —NS

Foursquare’s Rad Location-Aware Update. Foursquare, the social check-in service, has designed a new feature called “Radar”  for the iOS 5. The feature is an update to the Foursquare iPhone app, and will alert users to shops they like, nearby friends, or restuarants they want to try, when they get close. —NS

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