Accounts Locked Down After PlayStation Network Breach, Virgin Atlantic Will Fly On Waste Gas, RIM Server Outage Continues

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RIM’s Woes Hit Americas. RIM, already battling service outages across one half of the world, has issued a statement that its server problems are now also affecting some users in South America. –KE


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iCloud, iOS 5 Grab Begins Today. iCloud, Apple’s data cloud-based data service, is due to launch today, along with its newest mobile operating system, iOS 5. Apple may have geared the iCloud to draft everyone into it, but even if they didn’t, both the iCloud and new OS are likely to get a warm reception. The adoption rate for iOS 4 after it rolled out was staggeringly high, with 53% of iPhone users up to date with the even latest version of the software, when Technologizer checked in January. —NS

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Google honors clay animation pioneer Art Clokey’s 90th birthday in today’s Google Doodle. 

New Breach Locks Out 93,000 PlayStation Network UsersSony suspended 93,000 Sony PlayStation accounts after hackers tried to gain access to their servers. Sony said that credit card numbers linked to those accounts were not at risk, but locked out the accounts anyway, sending password reset notifications to the affected users by email. Beginning in April this year, Sony suffered several major breaches on its game servers, which caused it to shut down for over a month. —NS


BlackBerry Outage Continues, RIM Speaks. A “core switch failure” beginning Monday this week, and a subsequent “large backlog” of data slowed down browsing and brought messaging to a halt for BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Latin America. RIM, not new to public struggles, kept mum about the issue at first, then issued a statement late on Tuesday night (BST), explaining the problem, the Guardian reports. Meanwhile, according to the New York Times momentum is building for the breakup of the company. —NS

Virgin Atlantic Will Run On Waste Gases. Virgin Atlantic is partering with a New Zealand energy company called LanzaTech to convert waste gases from steel manufacture into a fuel for their aircrafts. Reusing gases that would otherwise hit the atmosphere would lower the company’s carbon footprint. The duo will begin work on setting up the tech in India first–as one of the world’s biggest steel producers, it has plenty of waste gases to spare. The technology can be applied to 65% of the world’s steel mills, Virgin Atlantic told the Wall Street Journal. In June this year, to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels, the company invested $1.4 billion on an ultra-efficient engines. –NS

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