Karen O Joins Forces With Chipotle To Support American Farmers [Video]

A month ago, burrito giant Chipotle released a music video for a Willie Nelson cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” The animated video, which showed the dangers of factory farming, was a big hit. And today, Chiptole has followed up with a second musician rocking a cover in support of America’s small farmers.

This new video features the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O covering Nelson and Waylon Jennings’ hit “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” In the video, three boys explore an abandoned farm house, as they slowly realize that its former inhabitants were real people not too dissimilar from them:

The video promotes Chipotle’s Cultivate Foundation, which is “dedicated to creating a sustainable, healthful and equitable food future.” One of their issues is the disappearance of the family farm–each week, 330 farmers are leaving their homes–and this video is supposed to address that. The Halloween theme in the video is also a nod to the company’s Boorito campaign, where customers in costumes get $2 burritos on Halloween night, and the proceeds are donated to the Cultivate Foundation and Farm Aid.

With these videos, Chipotle is doing an impressive job aligning itself with the local food movement (and the indie rock fans who back it). Nelson is still headlining Farm Aid concerts with some regularity, and with the power of Chipotle behind the movement, musicians are going to be able to throw their support behind small American farms–the farms Chipotle wants you to think about when you are eating its burritos.