This Seasonal Clock Will Keep You Thinking About The Present

In many instances, it makes sense to measure time in seconds, minutes, or hours–if you’re training for a marathon, scheduling meetings, or trying to make it home for dinner on time, there’s really no other way to do it. But our obsession with small increments of time often keeps us from focusing on the bigger picture. The Present, a clock from creative firm m ss ng p eces, aims to keep people “in the moment” for longer by telling time in seasons.

The clock takes a year to complete a single cycle, courtesy of a custom microprocessor that turns hours into months. Different colors represent changes in seasons–the winter solstice (top) is marked by pure white, pure green represents the shift into spring, pure yellow marks sun, and red marks the autumn equinox.

There is currently just one prototype of the The Present, with a casing made out of handblown glass, and a face featuring printed aluminum. “As we finalize materials, our main goal is to make the clock have the
quality of something permanent–a piece that you’d want in your life
for a long time,” explains Kate Oppenheim, Director of Strategy at m ss ng p eces, in an email.

M ss ng p eces is launching a Kickstarter campaign this week to get the cash necessary to finalize the material selection design, and manufacturing plans for The Present. Oppenheim says that the ideal retail price will be $150. It’s no Clock of the Long Now (a clock that can tell time for 10,000 years), but it’s the home version. Placing The Present on your wall might just get you thinking a little more about, well, the present.

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