Groupon Amends S-1 (Again), Amazon Launches French Kindle, Unlocked iPhone 4S Coming In November

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Groupon Updates S-1 Again. In its latest amendment to its SEC filing, Groupon now explains the rationate behind the unusual accounting metric (ACSOI) that caused such a stir in the original filing. The metric was designed to eliminate certain marketing costs from the overall balance sheet. In today’s amendment, the daily deals company said that’s because it doesn’t plan to keep spending that much in marketing in years to come. There will come a point when those expenditures won’t continue generating “sufficiently attractive investment returns,” the company said. But it added that it did not believe that, at that point (when, presumably Groupon would have a massive subscriber base), the scaling back on marketing would impact the company’s overall performance. — EBB


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Kindle En Français. Amazon defied expectations of a Kindle Fire launch for Europe and has instead opted to launch a special Kindle for the French market. A new Kindle optimized for the French language will go on sale October 14 and Amazon is setting up a 35,000-title Francophone Kindle store to support the product. The French Kindle will retail for 99 euros; still no launch date for the Kindle Fire in the EU. —NU

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NASA Will Host Tweetup At Langley Research Center. 50 lucky Twitter users will have a chance to tour NASA’s Langley Research facility this November. The labs were NASA’s first, established in 1917, and continue to conduct research in aviation and space research. Tweetup attendees will lunch with an astronaut, meet researchers, and tour the facility. NASA will also show off the Landing Impact Facility where Neil Amstrong trained. —NS

Fuel Cell Vehicle Market Worth $16.9 Billion In 2020. In about a decade from now, the fuel cell vehicle market will be led by the Asia Pacific region, accounting for half of worldwide sales, says a study by Pike Research. European sales of fuel cell vehicles will grow the fastest. Commercial sales will slip past 1 million units by 2020, generating $16.9 billion a year by that time. Pike Research added that this growth rate was pegged to the availability of hydrogen infrastructure. —NS

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Unlocked iPhone 4S Available In November.
Apple and its three U.S. carriers began taking pre-orders for the iPhone
4S early this morning. For the first time, the Apple store confirmed
that unlocked versions of the new phone would be available in the U.S.
too–crucial to allow users to switch SIM cards and make the phone
operational as a world phone. Though Apple has sold unlocked iPhones
overseas, this November will be the first time it will make them
available in the U.S. –NS

Steve Jobs Bio Pub Date Bumped Earlier.
Walter Isaacson’s upcoming biography of Steve Jobs hit the top of
Amazon’s best-seller list hours after Apple annouced news of Jobs’
death. Responding to the 41,800% surge in pre-orders, publishers Simon
and Schuster have brought the launch date forward from November 21 this
year, to October 24. Isaacson’s book is the one biography Jobs
authorized. —NS


Airbnb Grows Photo ServiceQuickly growing social accomodation sharing startup Airbnb is recognizing the power of a good image. They’re expanding their Photography Service, a small program that sends professional photographers to visit and take pictures of renter’s spaces before they post an ad for their space on Airbnb. The fledgling program has seen clear success, Airbnb says on their blog, with pro shots drawing in eight times more traffic than home-made ones. The free service is available in 383 cities across the world. —NS

Sony To Buy Itself Out Of Ericsson Mobile Partnership. Sony is looking to steer its own path in the mobile phone business by buying out Ericsson’s share in its 50-50 mobile phone venture. This suggests the company is serious about integrating its mobile phone business with its other mobile devices like with tablet and game controllers, thereby cutting costs and streamlining features across all its mobile devices, the Wall Street Journal reports. —NS

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