Infographic Of The Day: Starter Upper Auto-Generates Your Dot-Com 2.0 Business Plan

Provided, of course, that your business plan consists of mixing and matching tech buzzwords at random.

Infographic Of The Day: Starter Upper Auto-Generates Your Dot-Com 2.0 Business Plan

Are we in the Second Great Dot-Com Bubble, or has the Internet Economy actually just become . . . the economy? With tech bloggers suddenly morphing into venture capitalists and social/mobile/geo-located/gamified startups springing up left and right, it’s hard not to want to join in the fun.


But how to know what kind of Internet business to found? That’s where Starter Upper, a cheeky interactive infographic from digital talent agency Vitamin T, comes in. Just grab few blathery tech buzzwords from the pile, throw ’em into a Venn diagram, and Starter Upper will automagically barf out your “business plan” as well as a catchy company name faster than you can say . . . I don’t know, whatever it is people say at Y Combinator.

I’m not too proud to imagine myself diving Scrooge McDuck-style into a giant pool of stock options, so I gave Starter Upper a spin. I like my Internet-thingies simple to use and nice to look at, so I chose “simplified interaction” and “data visualization” as two of my nascent startup’s core values. And I like to eat, so “food” was as good a third choice as any. Stay tuned, TechCrunch: With Starter Upper’s help, I’ve just created . . . VisPlainBite!


“We wish every startup could enjoy the success of Twitter or Facebook, but that’s simply not possible. So we felt this tool would both inspire people to keep striving for success and poke fun at the process itself,” Susie Hall, President of Vitamin T, tells Co.Design. “It’s true, lots of people have great ideas–they may even have clever names–but the recipe for success involves a lot more ingredients than those. This from a company who calls itself Vitamin T.”

The best thing about Starter Upper? The big-ass “Reset” button. I’ll bet the guys behind Color wish their failed app could have “pivoted” as easily as that.

[Play Starter Upper at Vitamin T]

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