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Can Night Owls Get The Worm, Too?

Many say that being an early riser is key to success–but does everyone have to be a morning lark, or do night owls have their place?

I always say one of the steps to success is to wake up early. I am always surprised at the number of people who want to argue with me on this.

“I agree with some other posters regarding the fact that I am an owl, not a lark. I like your suggestions for networking but might I suggest most could be done after hours as well?”

So, let me clarify. Be up well before the people who give you money (customers, clients, fans) and before your competition. If your fans (again, customers and clients) work/give you money during the day, then get up early in the morning. If they give you money at night, well lucky you, you get to sleep in.

“Some people are natural larks (early risers), some natural owls (late risers) and most people fall somewhere in between.”

This is not about you. This is about the people who want to give you money for your product or service. They don’t care if you are an owl, a lark or a friggin’ crow.

“All that is easy for a lark to say. Some of us are owls. “

This is about your success.

This is simple math.

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