The Apple iPhone 4S Event: A Mega, Meta Appreciation Of The Tim Cook Show

Apple’s iPhone and iPod news explosion yesterday flooded the internet with everything you could possibly want to know about its products and people. If you only read one post on the event make it this one–because it’s actually like reading 43 stories in one!



This is my first product launch since being named CEO, I’m sure you didn’t know that, jokes Tim, wearing black jeans and a dark grey or black button down. Evocative of Jobs but not full-on turtle. The iPod…is still the number one music player in the world, and the Mac is the number one best-selling desktop and notebook in the United States. They’re almost as big as Twitter Now! Applause, Tim’s all stoked looking. Oh snap! New clock faces in the iPod Nano! Now I’ll have to learn how to tell time! Greetings Cards, Apple’s newest messaging service relies on a very old one, but shows all classic Apple, eh hem, hallmarks of attention to design detail. Shares of Americans Greetings Corp…down more than 6%, but iOS5 brings over 200 new features to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, so that’s okay. And Find My Friends will leverage iCloud, a big deal service that will store your content in the cloud and wirelessly push it to all your other devices, to allow unprecedented impromptu hangouts and creepy stalking sessions.

Apple’s stock has fallen about half the time following a major product announcement, so… Schiller: Nothing has come close to iPhone 4. How do you follow up? Meet the iPhone 4S, it’s what’s inside that counts, seven times faster than the iPhone 4. Demo time: Oh Infinity Blade 2! With koi in the pond. A giant falls on screen. A metaphor? Probably no. iPhone 4S is a world phone, Schiller claims you can get 14.4MBps downloads. Those antennae around the sides (which caused many users so much trouble) have been revamped. Smartphone cameras are typically mediocre, but the iPhone 4S would seem to offer everything that most budget compact cameras currently do and the quality of the camera isn’t just about megapixels. When photo samples surface…they look stunning and doctor’s correct diagnosis via smartphones may be improved with the new camera. Plus Apple wants you to meet Siri, a virtual personal digital assistant that actually works, deciphers drunken slurpredicted 24 years ago so perfectly it’s scary. She sounds like a lady (but not for Rory), and the things the Siri can tell you are diverse and will be incredibly helpfulby contrast I just tried “Siri app” on voice search on my Google Nexus S running Gingerbread: it took me to the web page for Syria. 

Wall Street’s response was relatively subdued, but while there was disappointment at the lack of a “killer product,” some analysts remained upbeat. And thought a lot of people said to themselves “that’s it? that’s all?”, leave it to Apple fans to be disappointed when their favorite company announces something that blows away just about every other competing produt in technical sophistication, speed and price. 

On paper, Cook fits the bill. But he’s still not the notorious iGod.



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