David Bohrman Takes Over Current TV As President

David Bohrman | Illustration by Chris Philpot

Illustration by Chris Philpot

It’s been a busy few months for David Bohrman, one of our 2011 Most Creative People in Business. In March, the television vet left his post as CNN’s Washington bureau chief to become the network’s chief innovation officer. Now, he’s left CNN entirely to head up Current TV, the progressive-news brainchild of Al Gore and business partner Joel Hyatt. “It was more than anyone’s first day of school,” he says of his first day as president of the six-year-old network, where one of his biggest tasks is to turn the network’s success with Countdown With Keith Olbermann into the momentum for full-on political television programming. Bohrman plans to rapidly “catch the election wave” and position Current to compete with formidable broadcast players such as Fox, MSNBC, and his old CNN. “In three, six, nine months, you’ll see a very different programming schedule and three nervous broadcast networks,” he says. Some might say leaving a massive global team like CNN’s for Current’s team of hundreds has its downsides, but Bohrman sees it differently: “It forces you to be creative, and that’s a good thing.”