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LinkedIn Editorial Director Dan Roth Taps Users To Streamline Content

Media companies aren't the only ones in the content-providing business these days. Meet Dan Roth, the executive editor of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Editorial Director Dan Roth Taps Users To Streamline Content
Dan Roth | Photo by Dorothy Hong
Photo by Dorothy Hong

Dan Roth
Executive Editor, LinkedIn,
New York

Roth recently joined the company to run LinkedIn Today, which aims to deliver the most relevant news to members based on what others on the site are reading and sharing.

"There are so many articles out there right now, and trying to get a handle on the flood of information is very difficult for busy people. LinkedIn is using the wisdom of its more than 120 million members to create content: Here are stories people have been sharing; here's a poll created around this article, for instance. LinkedIn Today serves up the right news to the right people, giving them the articles that will make them better at what they do. It's based on an algorithm, and I'm bringing some human editing to the entire experience. I used to be editor of Fortune Digital, and I realized we put up articles and just hoped the right people found them. At LinkedIn, we want to take the hope out of it."

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A version of this article appeared in the November 2011 issue of Fast Company magazine.