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Virgin's "Project" Magazine Editor Anthony Noguera Takes Content Users On A Journey

Media companies aren't the only ones in the content-providing business these days. Meet Anthony Noguera, editorial director of Virgin's tablet magazine, Project.

Virgin's "Project" Magazine Editor Anthony Noguera Takes Content Users On A Journey
Anthony Noguera | Photo by Matt Holyoak
Photo by Matt Holyoak

Anthony Noguera
Editorial director, Virgin's Project
Magazine, London

Noguera runs a content and PR company and edits Project, the tablet magazine started by Virgin's Richard Branson.

"Virgin wanted a ready-made editorial and content-delivery team, so it came to my company, Ai. We work hand in hand with Virgin. Project is about technology, entertainment, entrepreneurs, and design. From the start, we kind of knew who the audience would be—the likely buyers of the iPad itself. It's really important that we don't approach this like a print magazine. For us, it's like doing a print magazine, a radio show, a website, TV show, and movie all at the same time. We just spent three nights filming Paul McCartney in Chicago and Cincinnati. We do city guides, and there's not a lot of text in them. If you're doing a travel guide, why do you need any words at all? Why don't you just take people on the journey?"

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A version of this article appeared in the November 2011 issue of Fast Company magazine.