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eBay Fashion's Andrea Linett On Creating Fashion-Forward Original Content

Media companies aren't the only ones in the content-providing business these days. Meet Andrea Linett, eBay Fashion's creative director.

eBay Fashion's Andrea Linett On Creating Fashion-Forward Original Content
Andrew Linett | Photo by Rayon Richards
Photo by Rayon Richards

Andrea Linett
Creative Director, eBay Fashion,
New York

Linett joined eBay Fashion from Lucky magazine and is developing the auction site's editorial content, which includes style articles.

"EBay Fashion makes shopping on eBay feel more personal and interactive than going on a website where you just find something, put it in the basket, and check out. It's about glamorous accessibility. People can read Style Stories, where eBay fashion fanatics share their shopping secrets. The editors are going to get more involved. Getting the site started was easier than I expected. EBay was eager. You go on every e-commerce site now, and the first thing you see is their magazine. I almost feel like it's weird if you don't have a magazine. Ours isn't that different from a print magazine, except in where it lives."

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Anthony Noguera

A version of this article appeared in the November 2011 issue of Fast Company magazine.