Web Production Gurus Diane Charles And Ron Qurashi On Lisa Kudrow And Lexus

Media companies aren’t the only ones in the content-providing business these days. Meet Diane Charles and Ron Qurashi, producers of Lexus’s Web Therapy series starring Lisa Kudrow.

Web Production Gurus Diane Charles And Ron Qurashi On Lisa Kudrow And Lexus
Diane Charles and Ron Qurashi | Photo by Pamela Littky

Photo by Pamela Littky

Diane Charles and Ron Qurashi
Producers, Lexus’s L Studio,
Studio City, California


Charles and Qurashi run a company called Intelligent Life Productions, producing shows like Web Therapy, starring Lisa Kudrow, for Lexus’s web channel.

Qurashi: “We regularly meet with Lexus to talk about their strategy, and then we come up with ideas and which celebrities would be good fits. Because this–and all
the content–is done with Lexus, it immediately informs the level of intelligence and sophistication.
It has to have a very strong visual aesthetic.”

Charles: “We just shot the fourth season of Web Therapy, which we hope will air on Showtime. When we started working with Lisa Kudrow, her agents didn’t want it to look at all like an endorsement. By season 2, cars started appearing in episodes. They’re not in every one. Lexus has always said to us, ‘Don’t put cars in everything–it’s supposed to be about entertainment.’ Brands are usually so overbearing when it comes to content. But Lexus told us to make it organic. People are hipper now, and the brand gets that people will just turn it off if they think you’re selling them something.”

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