Amazon Reveals Kindle Fire, Google Motorola Deal Under DOJ Scrutiny, Goldman Sachs Hacked

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Amazon’s Android Tablet Revealed. Moments before an official press event, Amazon executives revealed details about the company’s long-expected tablet PC: It’s called Kindle Fire, as rumored, and is a 7-inch color LCD machine that lacks 3G, a camera, and a microphone, but comes with Wi-Fi like its older Kindle e-reader cousins. As expected, the reduced specs let the device significantly undercut Apple’s iPad entry price of $500 with a $199 tag. A 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime is included.–KE

Google Motorola Deal Under DOJ Scrutiny. The U.S. Department of Justice, as expected, revealed on Wednesday that it would take a closer look at Google’s proposal to acquire Motorola for $12.5 billion. As the Associated Press pointed out, Google has won approval for all of its acquisitions to date, despite government scrutiny. Last week, a Senate committee, led by Sen. Al Franken, grilled Google over its search business and apparent monopolistic behavior. —LK

Goldman Sachs Hacked By @CabinCr3w. Hackers affiliated with the online and New York-based Occupy Wall Street (or #OccupyWallSt) protest breached Goldman Sachs systems, publishing the personal information of several Goldman Sachs employees including CEO Lloyd Blankfein, today. Eighty Occupy Wall Street protestors have been arrested in New York so far. According to a report by Marina Landis for CNNMoneyTech, @CabinCr3w also published the personal information of a male officer who was captured on video pepper-spraying female activists behind a police barricade. —LK

–Updated 7:30 p.m. EST

Intel, Samsung Bet On Tizen Over Meego. MeeGo, formed in 2010 when Intel’s Moblin OS merged with Nokia’s Maemo, will soon experience a merger of its own. Limo and Linux are combining MeeGo with Limo to create Tizen–a new, open-source competitor against Android. Tizen will launch in 2012, will run on tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and more, and will be HTML5 and web-friendly. —NS


–Updated 9:30 a.m. EST

Microsoft Signs Mammoth Licensing Deal With Samsung. It looks like another coup for Microsoft’s killer legal team. The new deal between the two companies will earn Microsoft royalties on the sale of all Samsung phones and tablets that run Android, Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith tweeted today. —NS

–Updated 8:50 a.m. EST

Groupon Launches Deals Within Deals. A new Groupon feature, “Groupon Rewards,” will soon become available to businesses on Groupon. Groupon Rewards will be premium deals which customers can “unlock” after they’ve spent a predetermined amount at, say, their favorite restaurant. After they spend an intial amount at that business, Groupon will prod them with a message that tells them how far away they are from a Groupon Rewards card, TechCrunch reports. —NS

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Bloomsbury’s Zombie E-Book Plan. Bloomsbury, which recently began its first release of Harry Potter e-texts via, now has a plan to bring out-of-print books “back from the dead” and will be aggressively releasing them as e-editions. It’s the first purely digital imprint for the historic publisher, and will concentrate on out-of-print editions where the English language rights have reverted to the author or their estate. –KE

Tech Giants To Give New York $4.4 Billion Boost. The New York computer chip industry will see an investment of $4.4 billion from five technology companies. IBM will contribute $3.6 billion, and will be joined by Intel, Samsung, GlobalFoundries, and the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, creating 2,500 tech jobs, and keeping 2,500 more in the state, the New York Times reports. This plan ties in well with New York’s growing nanotechnology industry, and New York Governer Andrew Cuomo’s hope is that the two industries will play together nicely. —NS

Fortune Releases Kindle E-book On Jobs
. The latest book about Apple cofounder and ex-CEO Steve Jobs is a reporting compendium released by Fortune, pulling in 17 news stories from the magazine that ran between 1983 and 2011. All About Steve has been released as an e-book for sale only through the Amazon Kindle Store in advance of today’s Amazon’s press event, where attendees expect to see their launch of the first Amazon tablet, the Kindle Fire. —NS

Google Rents Space For London Tech. Google is set to open a technology startup space for small tech companies in London. Google has leased the offices, which cover 25,000 square feet over seven floors, until 2022, and will use it to build relationships with U.K. tech and media companies, Bloomberg reports. Also part of its expansion overseas, Google announced yesterday that it will build new data centers in Hong Kong, Taiwain, and Singapore. —NS


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