Don Draper Pitches Facebook Timeline, Apple iPhone Event October 4, iPad Order Confusion, Fire: Amazon’s Tablet Named

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Mad Men On Facebook’s Latest Feature. Mark Zuckerberg has never been known for his presentation skills, but in last week’s unveiling of Timeline, the Facebook CEO looked a bit smoother during his on-stage performance. Still, he could certainly learn a thing or two from one of television’s greatest pitchmen, Don Draper, who, in a YouTube parody video uploaded today, kills the room while pitching the social network’s latest feature. –AC


Apple Event October 4. Apple has just sent out an invitation to the press to come to its event, suggesting it wants to “talk iPhone.” The event will happen at Apple’s Cupertino campus, as expected, and is scheduled for 10 a.m. local time. –KE

Google celebrates its 13th birthday with a cake with 13 candles on a Google Doodle.

YouTube To Get Scheduled Channels. YouTube will get premium content on scheduled channels starting in 2012. YouTube and Google are finalizing contracts for the content, which will be showcased under categories like sports and fashion, the Wall Street Journal reports. —NS


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Facebook iPad App Due At Apple Event. The long-awaited official Facebook iPad app is now set to be unveiled at the upcoming Apple event, at which the iPhone 5 is expected. Facebook has had the app ready for months, but waited for the limelight…and this has prompted developer Jeff Verkoyen to flee Facebook for Google, in disdain at the treatment of his code. –KE

Analyst Confusion Over iPad. J.P. Morgan is in disarray after an Asia-based analyst with the company yesterday alleged Apple was slashing iPad orders by 25%–while retaining its sales expectations. Now the U.S. division is profoundly disagreeing with the earlier statement, which may have been responsible for a slight drop in Apple’s stock price. Other thinkers suggest that even if Apple is slowing Eastern iPad orders, it may be because its new Brazil-based Foxconn affiliate is on-stream. –KE

Kindle Fire: Amazon’s Android Tablet. Amazon’s upcoming tablet is now reported as being called the Kindle Fire–a decision the company made to distinguish the device from its existing e-ink-based e-readers, and yet still keeping aligned with the brand image. Other sources, leaking at the same time, suggest that in format it’ll look a lot like the Playbook. –KE

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Facebook To Give Out $10 Million In Free Ads. Facebook, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are partnering to give small businesses a leg up. As part of this deal, Facebook will give out $10 million in free ads to 200,000 small business starting in 2012, as announced on its Marketing page. Participating firms will also have access to a database of “educational” resources to help connect with customers (and friends) and build their brand base in many ways, including, not surprisingly, on Facebook itself. -NS


Before Tablet Release, Publishers Back Amazon. Meredith, Hearst, and Conde Nast have signed on to distribute their publications on Amazon’s upcoming tablet, AllThingsD reports. According to sources, the deals look a lot like those worked out between publishers and Apple for the iPad. Content will look similar, with some tweaks and twists for the 7-inch Amazon device, expected to be unveiled on Wednesday. –NS

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