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The Top 25 SharePoint Influencers Online

Almost four out of five organizations support Microsoft SharePoint for enterprise collaboration, according to analyst research, yet SharePoint adoption rates at many companies remain quite low. So it is not surprising that collaboration strategists seek advice from industry experts. Increasingly, those experts are found online in forums such as blogs and Twitter.* has researched the impact of top SharePoint experts and today published the findings of a ‘Top 25 SharePoint Online Influencers’ study.

According to the official post, "The analysis was inspired by studies showing low SharePoint adoption by users, despite its status as the leading enterprise collaboration... A uSamp survey found that only one-third of users in a SharePoint environment use it on a daily basis for document exchange because they are discouraged by the complex multi-step navigation required to complete SharePoint tasks."

The author of the study, Mark Fidelman, General Manager, Americas, at said, "We decided to identify the 25 SharePoint community members with the loudest and most influential blog and Twitter presence to give enterprises easily accessible online resources for advancing their collaboration and social initiatives."  The top 25 influencers were identified using a formula designed to determine retweet frequency, blog reach, citations by other influential bloggers, and related factors measuring the impact of individual SharePoint community members. Weights were then assigned to each factor whereupon the results were ranked.

The top ten bloggers are:

1.       Jeremy Thake (@jthake), a SharePoint evangelist since 2006 who currently serves as enterprise architect at AvePoint. 

2.       Joel Oleson (@joeloleson), a SharePoint content and collaboration solutions manager at LDS Church and former Microsoft senior technical product manager.

3.       John Mancini (@jmancini77), president of AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) International.

4.       Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux), managing partner at Innovative-e.

5.       Laura Rogers (@WonderLaura), a Microsoft MVP and senior SharePoint consultant at SharePoint911.

6.       Mark Miller (@eusp), founder and editor of the community 

7.       Bill Ives (@billives), VP of Marketing at  content awareness and discovery engine provider Darwin Ecosystems.

8.       Andrew Connell (@andrewconnell), a SharePoint developer and instructor who is co-founder, instructor and speaker at SharePoint education and training company Critical Path Training.

9.       Andrew Woodward (@andrewwoody), a Microsoft MVP, and a SharePoint user since 2001, whose 21apps consultancy assists clients in achieving measurable business value from their SharePoint deployments.

10.   Jan Tielens (@jantielens), a technology advisor at Microsoft.

The complete list of winners is listed below. The entire list of influencers, including an additional 50 honorable mentions, can be found on the blog.

* Disclaimer: the author of this post is an executive at