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Box CEO Aaron Levie Will Liberate You From Your Desk

Box CEO Aaron Levie understands that the less time you spend tied to your desk, the more connected you need to be.

As workforces fan out around the globe, and the Internet and proliferation of portable devices connected to it make us all more mobile (and our workplaces more physically fractured), Levie believes there needs to be a simple way to share, collaborate, manage, and track work. That's the idea behind Box, a Palo Alto cloud content-management company that's helped more than 7 million individuals and 100,000 businesses share documents and projects and manage their businesses from wherever they happen to be—no need to remain a slave to a physical desktop, torture yourself creating .zip files, or try to keep track of endless versions of that TPS report.

The idea—whose ease of use perhaps belies its significance—has caught on, and widely so. More than 75% of Fortune 500 companies use Box, and the company says it's currently in the middle of a funding round that will put it north of $100 million in total venture capital raised—allowing it to "go head to head with Microsoft SharePoint." More than 200,000 new users join each month; corporate clients include industry giants like Procter & Gamble and newer players like Pandora.

Typical Box users—some of whom will attend its BoxWorks customer conference this week in San Francisco—log in from six or more places (home, work, the coffee shop down the street, and so on), using three devices on average. Using Box, they are able to streamline access to their work documents and projects no matter what device they're on, or where they're using it—all securely.

Levie started Box with cofounder Dylan Smith during college in 2005, and while there were other ideas they pursued, Box was the one that "spooled out of control."

"With Box we finally were building something that solves a really, really important problem," Levie says. "And we do it incredibly cost effectively for organizations of any size."

Watch the video below to learn more from Levie about the ideas that make Box work.

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