Breaking Details From Facebook’s F8: News, Movies, Music Apps, Profile Pages Get Pretty, Permanent With “Timeline,” Reports

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Launched Now: Timeline beta, music, movies, TV, and news apps. Winding down the keynote, Zuckerberg announced that several radically new features debuted at f8 would take effect immediately. Beta testing of the Timeline feature will launch “after we’re done here,” Zuckerberg said (you can sign up here), with the full launch rolling out over the next few weeks. Music, movies, TV, and news apps will also launch immediately. “We’re not going to let you go home empty handed,” Zuckerberg said. —NS


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News, Lifestyle Apps Part Of The App Project. Big and small names in news will be part of the new app lineup on Facebook. Partners include the Guardian, Digg, The Daily Mirror, Mashable, Yahoo, Gizmodo, Slate, and many, many more. “Lifestyle apps,” Zuckerberg said, would let his friends know what he was eating for example, or how often and how long he went running. —NS

New Music, Movie Apps On Facebook. In addition to Spotify, other music apps on Facebook will be: TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Audiovroom, EarBits, Deezer, MOG, Rhapsody, Rdio, Turntable, Mixcloud, Songzaa, Jelli, Slacker and Vevo. Hulu and Netflix will be among the new movie apps on Facebook.  —NS

Facebook’s Completely New Class Of Apps. Next up at f8, Zuckerberg introduced new kinds of apps that would let you “discover new things through your friends” and through serendipity, the magic that powers Groupon, Rhapsody and others. As a primer to that, Zuckerberg announced that in place of the ubiquitous “Like,” users could get creative with verbs: “Read,” “Watch,” “Listened” and others would come to Facebook. “You can define an action and publish it, it’s simple but really really powerful,” Zuckerberg said. Spotify is the first confirmed music app that will be part of Facebook. With Spotify and the new Ticker, users will be able to view and listen to the music–in real time-that their friends are listening to. “It’s amazing how much music you can discover through your friends,” Zuckerberg said. —NS


Mark Zuckerberg Shows Us His Timeline, Reports. Mark Zuckerberg has debuted Timeline, the new iteration of Facebook profile pages, packed with apps and a more permanent place for your interests. Apps now feed the Timeline, and Timelines are collected in “Reports.” And it’s all under a giant new “Cover Photo.” There’s even a new permissions screen aimed, presumably, at staving off privacy concerns. “This is exactly how you want to browse through time,” Zuckerberg told the audience at the f8 developers conference. “This is a great way to discover what people have done their whole life.” –TG

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Anonymous “Day Of Vengence” Is Friday. Hacktivist collective Anonymous is promising that this Friday, September 24th at “high noon”, is going to mark its own “Vengence” (minus the “V-for-“) event, during which a number of cyber attacks will be carried out while peaceful protests happen in numerous U.S. cities. It’s in retaliation for alleged police violence in earlier protests in New York, and the press release quotes fresh speeches from the President about the right to peaceful protest. –KE

Rihanna Pushes New Single Via Facebook And Radio. Rihanna, the most popular female artist on Facebook, has just launched her new single promotion simultaneously on terrestrial radio stations and Facebook. On the same day Facebook’s expected to reveal its music system, the singer’s Rihanna: Unlocked campaign will leverage all the two-way interaction radio can’t muster, and let fans have early access to snippets from the upcoming album. –KE

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Facebook’s Music System Leaks. Via a Facebook employee’s tweet feed (oh, the irony!) details have emerged ahead of today’s expected reveal of Facebook’s high-profile music streaming service. Ji Lee, a creative director formerly from Google, tweeted “‘Listen with your friend’ feature in ticker is blowing my mind. Listen to what your friends are listening. LIVE.” and then deleted it, but not before it was spotted and shared via Twitter’s more open forum than Facebook’s. –KE


Twitter Cuddles Up To MMS. Twitter’s now enabled a new mobile phone-centric feature that lets users directly upload images snapped with their phone camera to their tweet feed. It’s an extension of the SMS tweet service that Twitter’s embraced in some nations for quite some time, this time leveraging the international Multimedia Messaging System standard–just as smartphones with web connections are making MMS less relevant. –KE

Apple May Loan IPads To Retail Staff. CNET reports that Apple may begin a pilot program in which their retail staff will be able to check out wares from the store, including iPads, to get familiar with the products. The pilot is supposedly planned for the flagship store in San Francisco. When contacted by CNET, an Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the program. Apple has also been part of a project that has seen about 9,000 first-generation iPads donated to teachers at Teach For America. Apple offered customers who were upgrading to an iPad 2 the option of donating their old tablets, rather than selling or or trading it in, ZDNET reports. —NS

YouTube Tests DIY 3D. YouTube, which recently added editing tools to its upload features, freshened up its toolset with a few additions. Among those, the website is testing a feature which lets users can convert 2D videos to 3D. Viewers of the videos will still need 3D glasses to enjoy their jazzed up creation. —NS

Ebay Launches Virtual Outlet Mall. Following the launch of virtual outlet malls for customers in the U.K. and Germany, Ebay has launched Fashion Outlet, their first virtual outlet mall for the U.S., to compete in the growing U.S. fashion retail space. Big brands can use Fashion Outlet to quickly sell marked down products when they don’t have space in their physical stores, CNET reports. —NS  

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