Facebook And YouTube Debut New Features, Torrent Site Hacked, China Telecom To Promote iPhone 5, Google Helps Users Find Flights

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Video Editing Now Possible Within YouTube On Wednesday, YouTube began rolling out its Video Editor tools, which let users tweak footage within the Google-owned site. YouTube Video Editor specifically gives users a way to trim, rotate, and add music to a clip they’ve already uploaded, or to combine videos, and stabilize footage to avoiding that Blair Witch Project aesthetic. According to a company blog post, users can also choose to apply color effects, developed by Picnik (a fellow, Google-acquired company).


Facebook Becomes More Twitter-Like With ‘Subscriptions’Facebook rolled out a new feature today, “subscriptions,” that changes the way users who are not “friends” can view each other on the social network. Facebook users can now add a “subscribe” button to their profiles, making their public updates viewable to anyone who choosed to follow–we mean, “subscribe”– to them. Subscribers view updates from people who they follow in their news feeds and don’t have to specifically visit the Facebook pages of people who interest them to see what’s up.

NASA Unveiling Its Next Big Ride. NASA is today revealing official plans for the Space Launch System, the next big-scale man-ferrying rocket, and the natural successor to both the Apollo Moon program’s Saturn 5 systems and the recently retired Space Shuttle. The system is expected to cost $35 billion, and its first launch is in a very short window, in only 2017. –KE

China Telecom Loves iPhone 5. China Telecom, one of the largest cell phone carriers in the world and long-rumored iPhone vendor, is now said to have set aside the equivalent of $235 million for “Dragon Plan”–it’s PR/launch campaign to promote the upcoming iPhone 5. China Mobile, the largest telecoms firm in the world, is also expected to carry the phone. Apple’s production partners are said to be ramping up production of the iPhone 5 already. –KE

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Torrent Site Hacked. uTorrent, a highly popular site offering peer-to-peer software that allows shared downloading of files (including pirated content) was hacked late yesterday with the download executable programs replaced with fake “anti-virus” software that was actually a malware trojan. Code like this can be very difficult to remove. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, and the correct code has now been replaced by uTorrent. –KE

Sony’s Next-Gen Vita Hits Dec. 17 In Japan. Sony’s hotly anticipated next-generation handheld games machine the PS Vita will officially arrive on December 17th, first in Japan. The device will use local 3G NTT DoCoMo services. A number of big-name titles will be available at launch, with big games like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X also due to be released with “PS3-like” quality for the device at a later date. –KE


Google Helps You Find Flights. Revealed late yesterday, Google now has an option in its search engine systems to help clients find cheap flights. By typing in a flight query into the main search box, a “Flights” option appears in the side bar, aggregating all relevant information into one page. The move comes five months after Google bought ITA, a firm that offered aggregated flight info. –KE

Samsung’s Win8 Tablet Is A Gift. After revealing Windows 8 details in depth for the first time, Microsoft revealed it was giving 5,000 Samsung Windows 8 devices–with a year of AT&T 3G–to all the developers at the Build conference. Microsoft has previously been noted as wooing developers in order to pre-create apps for an app store to rival Apple’s ahead of the operating system’s launch in late 2012. –KE

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