The Fisker Surf Plug-In Hybrid Is A Sports Car For The Whole Family

So you want a flashy sportscar, but also want to curb your gasoline consumption and make sure that the whole family can fit in your fancy new vehicle.  You are very demanding. But now you can have your hybrid electric cake and eat it too: Fisker unveiled this week the Surf plug-in hybrid, a five-door vehicle modeled on the already-released Karma.

The vehicle, which is based on the “shooting brake” three-door hatchback style, uses the same powertrain as the Karma, has a range of 50 miles on pure electric charge, and can go an extra 250 miles with the combination gasoline motor and onboard generator. This is, according to Fisker, its vision of “a crossover between a sports car and a station wagon.”

This is nothing if not an aspirational vehicle for the station wagon set. Unlike most family wagons, the Surf will probably cost upwards of $100,000 when it is released in 2012.

[Images: Fisker]

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