• 09.12.11

Hitting The Fan: Clever Teasers For Al Gore’s Day Of Climate Reality

In preparation for the 24-hour marathon of climate change presentations, the Climate Reality Project has prepared a few short videos to amusingly communicate how dire the situation is.

In preparation for Al Gore and adman Alex Bogusky’s “24 Hours of Climate Reality,” their new organization The Climate Reality Project produced these teaser videos, designed to show us just how close our planet is to a very bad situation. In the first, a decrepit Rube Goldberg machine throws the proverbial fecal matter at the proverbial fan:


The main event will take place over 24 hours starting at 8 p.m. Eastern on September 14. Streaming live, the “24 Hours of Climate Reality” will feature a new presentation written by Al Gore, tailored for and recorded on location in each time zone in the world (except for a few hard-to-reach Pacific islands). If you live in France, say, you’ll see a presentation in French with specific information about how climate change is affecting the French environment and economy. You can tune in to watch here.

In the meantime, according to the Climate Reality Project, it’s time to pull out all the metaphors. The shit has hit the fan and the fat lady is singing to the cows who’ve come home:

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