Twitter’s User Tally, Google Acquires Zagat, Facebook Earned $500M In 2011 (So Far), HTC Sues Apple

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Google’s Carbon Footprint Out In The Open. Google emits 1.5 million tonnes of carbon, giving it a carbon footprint about the size of the United Nations, the Guardian reports. Google published figures for its energy consumption for the first time on its Google Green website. The company’s energy consumption continues to rise (though it won’t reveal by how much), but its reliance on renewable sources of energy has risen as well.


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Twitter Announces Activity. has 400 million monthly unique visitors, 100 million active users, and half its users log in every day, Twitter announced today. Also, Twitter has seen a 40% in mobile, quarter over quarter, with 55% of active users logging in on mobile devices. Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO, rolled out the numbers in his announcement today, live tweeted by their account @TwitterGlobalPR. For a closer look, Twitter has a meaty profile of their users on their blog. 

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GetGlue To Connect Networks And Fans. When it launched, GetGlue tapped into people’s need to be social and chatty about the television shows they were watching, and created a check-in application for entertainment. Now, signing up for GetGlue’s newly launched business accounts, networks can create verified accounts for themselves, connect with fans, and track their social media engagement across Twitter and Facebook. GetGlue says they’ve signed up 10 networks so far. 

GetJar Launches Premium Service. App store pioneer GetJar is launching GetJar Gold, a premium service will begin with a bundle of 50 free apps, to get consumers to try new apps and app developers extra visibility. This puts GetJar in step with the competing Amazon Appstore, which also features a premium app a day. 

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Google Acquires Zagat. Google has bought the 32-year-old ratings company Zagat. Marissa Mayer, Google VP, announced the news a blog post on the Official Google Blog today. “I’m incredibly excited to collaborate with Zagat to bring the power of Google search and Google Maps to their products and users and to bring the innovation, trust and their wealth of experience to ours,” Mayer wrote. 

EBay Gets Social, Buys The Gifts Project. EBay’s first acquisition in social retail is the Gifts Project. Friends planning for a birthday party or another event can use the platform to plan a gift and contribute sums online. Ebay and the Gifts Project have been working together for a year, with the Project powering eBays’ Group Gifts, which offered a similar service, All Things D reports. 


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Facebook Earned $500 Million So Far In 2011. According to analysis of Facebook’s
operations by analysts, the world’s largest social networking site had
revenues of around $1.6 billion for the first half of 2011, and
converted this into a net income of $500 million. While this figure
may seem low (Facebook makes a profit of only around $1.4 per year for
every user) it’s twice the estimated figure for 2010. Facebook is
expected to IPO in early 2012.

Nike Hints At Back To The Future Shoes. Marty McFly’s famous self-tightening electric sneakers from Back To The Future 2 may finally be coming to a store near you, soon. Nike, the brand on the shoes in the movie and also the owners of a recent patent for self-tightening tech for shoes, has released a teaser video that shows hundreds of boots that look very similar to the movie props on shelves, poised to sell by the truckload during the holiday season. –KE 

HTC Sues Apple With Google Patents. HTC, makers of some of the better-selling Android phones, has a new IP suit against Apple–which it has just admitted is enabled by patents it bought from Google last week. It’s not clear how much HTC paid. Google recently acquired a patent treasure trove by buying Motorola, to ward off IP suits from players like Apple and Microsoft, which were both part of the successful bidding team for Nortel’s patents. –KE


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