Razoo, The App That Helps You Fundraise Without Ever Touching Money


All of us have, at one point or another, decided to help out a charity or organization by raising money. Maybe you’re doing a marathon to support cancer research, or a bake sale for disaster relief. Your friends are happy to support you, but you have to deal with checks and crumpled bills and a lot of inconvenience just to give back. A new app from nonprofit fundraising site Razoo can streamline the entire process.

Razoo is a company that makes it easier for smaller organizations to raise money efficiently. More than 180,000 people have donated nearly $50 million through Razoo, to more than 7,000 nonprofits. And now Razoo’s tools are available to individuals as well as organizations.

Users of the app can create fundraisers and easily see who has donated
and how much they’ve given. You can also push out updates to people who
follow you on the app on your progress or what the money is going
toward. The app also integrates with social media, making it easy to
send out appeals to your followers for more money and send automated
“thank-yous” once people have donated.

The key part of the app is that you never touch any money. It gets
funneled right past you directly to the organization; Razoo takes a 2.9%
transaction fee on each donation. Don’t get any ideas, though: Razoo
will only cut a check to a verified 501(c)(3). If it’s not in their
database, you can’t fundraise for it. So much for using this to dupe
people out of their money, or to fund your next album. Even so, it’s a helpful tool to have.

[Images: Top, Flickr user seanmcmenemy; Bottom, Razoo]