Justice Dept. Files Complaint To Block AT&T-T-Mobile Merger, Sony’s 3-D Projector Goggles, HP Plans Final TouchPad Run

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U.S. Comes Between AT&T And T-Mobile. AT&T’s planned acquisition of T-Mobile is being blocked by the U.S. government. The government filed an antitrust complaint against the merger, saying in the filing that the move would “remove a significant competitive force from the market.” AT&T responded in a statement, saying they were disappointed by the decision, and would ask for an expedited hearing in which they would “vigorously contest” any anti-competitive concerns that the Department of Justice raised in court. —NS


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iOS Gets Spotified. Spotify is expanding its mobile app developer family to include iPhone developers. They released information today which will let an app maker add Spotify streaming to an iPhone app they’re creating. —NS

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Google Launches Disaster Response Website. Last week, the Red Cross published a study that showed that people turned information-hungry after a disaster.’s new website lists everything you’ll want to know and do when preparing for an event like Hurricane Irene this past weekend. In addition to safety tips and suggestions, the site comes with a storage feature that lets you upload important documents and store it in one place, and a quick way to create an emergency response plan to pass around at a workplace or school. —NS

Pakistan Bans Encryption Software. Pakistani authorities have banned the use of encryption software in the country, saying it’s a crackdown on terrorist communication. Businesses or people who want to use services like VPN will now need to apply for special permission to do so, the Guardian reports. The notice comes from the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority. —NS


British Airways Crew Gets iPads Too. It isn’t just pilots who are getting iPads these days. 100 BA crew members are testing iPads as onboard assistants for in-flight customer service, digitizing seating charts, flight timetables, and the like. If all goes well, the airline plans to deploy another 1,800 iPads in the coming months. —NS

WikiLeaks Website Attacked. According to a tweet from the WikiLeaks’ Twitter account, was under attack on late Tuesday, but bounced back soon afterwards. —NS

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Sony Reveals OLED 3-D Goggles. Sony is teasing a bit of the future of home entertainment: The world’s first 3-D headset running high-quality OLED screens that generate a visual experience the same as watching a 750-inch 3D HDTV, with 5.1 surround sound. Suitable for gaming and movie watching, the $780 device will arrive in November. –KE


HP Plans Final Production Run Of TouchPads. HP has revealed that it’s requesting a final run of TouchPads from its Eastern production partners, likely because of the huge demand for its $99 (significant loss-making) fire sale of existing hardware, and because the devices are part-produced–with manufacturers stuck with otherwise useless components. –KE

Nokia Exec Leaves For New Fund. Senior Nokia exec Tero Ojanperã, formerly CTO, is leaving the cell phone maker after a 21-year career to join new venture fund Vision+ as a managing partner. Vision+ is independant, though Nokia is an “anchor investor” and it has plans to fund the development of apps to support Nokia’s (great, last hope) smartphone future. –KE

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