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HP To Spin Off PC Division, Facebook Rewards Finding Bugs, iTunes Will Do Cloud Music Streaming

Irene Fizzled, But NYC Was Well Prepared. We've yet to learn why Irene didn't turn into the mega-storm that meteorologists were expecting. But in the aftermath, civil engineers are lauding the foresight of city officials and their plans to protect the urban center and its residents. iO9 reports on what went right this weekend, and what New Yorkers learned about preparing for a natural disaster. —NS 

Nook Shines In Barnes And Noble's Earnings Announcement. B&N trotted out their first quarter results today, that showed their little e-reader was going places. Sales of the Nook and its applications accounted for $227 million this year, compared to the $198 million from online sales, and CEO William Lynch said the company would "appropriately invest in the massive digital opportunity."  —NS

Yelp Cuts Back On Daily Deals. Days after Facebook decided to can its daily deals feature, Yelp, the online ratings service, is scaling back on its daily deals as well, halving the sales staff dedicated to that service. —NS

CDC Launches Post-Apocalyptic Radio Network. The Center for Disease Control launched a communications network of last resort today called the National Public Health Radio Network. The new radio network uses the High Frequency spectrum and will connect the CDC with state and local health departments. According to the feds, the new network will guarantee communications even if telephone, Internet, or mobile phone service is disrupted. — NU

—Updated 12:30 p.m. EST

HP To Spin Off PC Business. HP has now said that it prefers to spin off its PC-making division and is considering how it can do this within the current company structure. The process could take over a year to complete, and HP thinks this is the best option for HP staff and shareholders. The move could pour cold water on ideas that a rival company could buy the PC-making Personal Systems Group. —KE

Facebook Spends On Bug Rewards. In its first three weeks in operation, Facebook has spent over $40,000 rewarding security researchers who've trawled through its myriad systems and have turned up bugs that could compromise Facebook security or the integrity of its users' data. The maximum bounty of $5,000 has already been paid once to someone who found the most serious type of loophole. —KE

iTunes Does Stream Music. Apple just released the preview edition of its cloud-based music streaming service iTunes Match to its developer community, who have immediately turned up a huge surprise: iTunes Match does do streaming of your music collection from the cloud to both iPhones and Macs. This means you don't have to use up precious internal storage on your devices if you have unlimited or generous Wi-Fi or 3G downloads. —KE

—Updated 7:00 a.m. EST

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