Zynga Delays IPO, WikiLeaks’ Dangerous Leak, BBC’s Olympic TV Plans, Samsung’s iMessage Rival, Apple Again Halts Samsung Sales

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Samsung Announces LTE Lineup. Samsung has announced that it will outfit upcoming Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablets and Galaxy S II phones with LTE abilities. These enhanced versions of the Samsung devices will be able to connect to 4G networks and make use of their superior streaming and downloading abilities. The Korean electronics manufacturer has yet to say when the devices will be reaching the U.S. market. —NS 


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Twitter Hires Former FCC Aide As Global Policy Advisor. The microblogging giant has announced former FCC advisor Colin Crowell will be coming aboard as their head of global public policy in September. Although the specifics of the job have not been announced, it is expected Crowell will help Twitter formulate new policies for dealing with governments worldwide and determining the service’s role in demonstrations, conflicts, and revolutions. —NU

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Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile To Invest In Isis. Mobile payments service Isis may be emerging as competition for Google’s Wallet. Bloomberg reports that the three mobile service providers are investing $100 million in the company, which is developing a technology that would let people pay for things using their mobile phones. —NS

–Updated 10:00 a.m. EST

Zynga Delaying IPO. Social gaming firm Zynga, in the middle of preparation for a potentially billion-dollar IPO, has revealed it’s now delaying its public launch. The potential date is now in November, because Zynga and its bankers have decided that market conditions aren’t favorable. –KE


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WikiLeaks Leaks. WikiLeaks has seen its own leak disaster, courtesy of a conflict between Julian Assange and his former German spokesman: Thousands of diplomatic cables have been released onto the Net–unedited. When WikiLeaks reveals its cable treasure trove it normally deletes data that could be too sensitive and thus endanger lives–in the new leak informants in sensitive places like Iraq are listed by name. –KE

BBC’s Olympic TV Experiments. The BBC has revealed it will be trialing 3-D broadcasting of some of the 2012 Olympics, including the 100-meter races, as well as filming and broadcasting certain events in “super-high-definition” resolution. This technology has a picture quality 16 times better than HDTV, and will likely be the successor tech for your future home–in about 10 years. Three public 50-foot screens will be erected in Britain so the public can watch. –KE 

Samsung’s BBM/iMessage Rival Revealed. Samsung has revealed its cross-platform chat system: It’s dubbed ChatOn and it’ll be launching on Samsung’s feature phones and smartphones running every flavor of OS from Bada to Android. It’s an IP-based service allowing text and images to be sent and also enabling voice and text chats in real-time, circumventing cell network SMS fees. –KE

Apple Again Halts Samsung Sales. Apple has won another small victory in its legal battle over IP theft with Samsung: In court in Australia this morning, Samsung agreed not to sell a Galaxy-branded tablet at the center of the patent suit with Apple. A couple of hearings are set for late September, and under the new agreement the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will now not be sold until at least October (pending the finding of the courts). –KE

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