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UPDATE | Burger Heaven

UPDATE | Burger Heaven
Burger King
Photo by Kim Kang

Given Wall Street's tightened purse strings, perhaps it's no surprise that the Wall Street Burger Shoppe and its $175 Richard Nouveau burger couldn't survive the recession, bailout, and fallout. The restaurant, owned by chef Kevin O'Connell, filed for bankruptcy in July, ending three years of serving tourists and bankers alike moderately priced bar food alongside the gilded sandwich, which we featured in our July/August issue ("The Burger King"). We succumbed to the Richard Nouveau, drawn in by the gold flakes, Kobe beef, and Gruyere cheese—not to mention O'Connell's goal to one-up chef Daniel Boulud by making his $150 burger seem like a (relative) deal. O'Connell tells us he hopes to revive the Burger Shoppe with a new location in the "not-too-distant future," but for now we can only look back and remember all the delicious beef and burger accoutrements $175 could buy.

A version of this article appeared in the October 2011 issue of Fast Company magazine.