Brazil’s 2016 Olympic Village Inspired By Rainforest, Future Sustainability

Whether or not countries benefit from the infrastructure they build to host the Olympics is a subject for heated debate, but build they still must. So, at the very least, the buildings should be visionary and exciting. Brazil, hosting the summer Olympiad in 2016, just announced the winner of the competition to design its Olympic village and many of the event spaces. The results, from British firm AECOM, are stunning and designed to fit with the country’s flora and fauna.

The park itself, according to the designers, is inspired by Brazil’s rainforests. It will contain “five ‘villages’ inspired by rare flora found in the Atlantica
rainforests … The villages comprise striking canopy structures
providing shade and shelter for spectators.”

Despite the beauty and biomimicry of the design, what won the Olympic organizers over were more logistical concerns. They cited “the concept of operation, access for athletes and the audience, the
logistics for the transport system, the viability of implementation and a
unique access for parking” as the factors that made AECOM’s bid stand apart. Still, the floral inspiration is pretty exciting, too, even in the face of all the parking access.


After the games, much of the Olympic infrastructure will be removed for development that will focus on sustainability and help preserve the lagoon around which the Olympics are being held. This design isn’t necessarily the final choice; other contestants now have two weeks to re-present their ideas (and budget concerns will, inevitably sap AECOM’s bid of some of it’s grandeur). But this nature-inspired Olympic architecture makes it look like there will be more to look forward to from these games than just the competition.

[Images: Rio2016]

[Hat tip: Arch Daily]