Facebook Exits Daily Deals, Google Lets Slide Slip, Pandora’s Ad Worth Beats Radio’s, Apple’s New TV Tech

Facebook Exits The Daily Deal. Good news for Groupon: After just four months of testing, Facebook is shutting down its the daily deal business.  –NR

Google Lets Slide Slip Out Of Existence. A mere year after spending over $220 million to buy Slide, a startup social network expert that it bought to brush up its social powers (with reports directly to Sergei Brin), Google is shuttering basically every Slide product it’s produced and closing the operation down. Its chief, PayPal cofounder Max Levchin, is also leaving Google. –KE

Pandora’s Ads Worth More Than Real Radio’s. Pandora released its latest finances, proving its growth: Its revenues of $67 million for the second quarter are more than double 2010’s figures. Analysts have highlighted a more surprising fact: Its advertising is now generating more revenue per 1,000 hours of airtime than traditional radio is doing right now–from its desktop version, and its mobile service has more room for growth. –KE

Apple’s “New Technology” For Video. News coming through suspected approved leak channel The Wall Street Journal says Apple is in the throes of producing a new technology solution to drive video content to televisions. The rumor tallies with strengthening suggestions Apple is producing a full-fledged TV product, and that its solidifying deals with TV content providers. –KE

A New “Jig” For Online Want Ads. Jig is a new social site from the creator of Delicious Joshua Schachter, and it’s designed to do one thing: Meld the ideas behind Quora, traditional newsprint “want ads,” and an online social community to create a web-based inverse Craigslist, where you can solicit help or advice or even products in the form of questions to the crowd. –KE

–Updated 5:30 a.m. EST

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