Tim Cook: Apple Won’t Change, China Mobile Is Huge, Google’s Gundotra Toasts Jobs, RIM Reveals BlackBerry Music

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WikiLeaks: U.S. Firms, Lobbyists Disproportionately Influenced Spanish Internet Policy. A 2009 diplomatic cable claims American government officials served as middlemen who relayed “concerns” over Spain’s lax piracy policies from the MPAA and the RIAA to Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Following a meeting between Zapatero’s advisors and a “senior White House official,” the Spanish President allegedly successfully leaned on the country’s major ISPs to introduce robust anti-piracy controls. — NU


Twitter words are creeping into your dictionary. Earlier this week, the Oxford English Dictionary added techno-lingo “retweet,” “woot” and “sexting” to the latest edition of the Concise OED. Not to be outdone, Merriam-Webster announced that it has recognized and defined “tweet (verb),” (yes, in under 140 characters) and “social media.” —NS

Cook Emails Apple Staff. Tim Cook has just emailed his staff at Apple, his first CEO all-hands address, to reassure them that “Apple is not going to change.” Jobs is still leading from the top, and the culture he drove into the company is in its very “DNA.” Apple will remain a “magical place.” –KE

–Updated 10:45 a.m. EST

China Mobile Is Biggest Network In Revenues And Users. China Mobile has revealed its half-year profits at $9.6 billion, from revenues of nearly $40 billion–rival China Telecom only managed one sixth of these takings. Apple is rumored to be releasing the iPhone on CM’s network soon, because until now it’s only been available through much smaller China Telecom. –KE

Microsoft’s Windows Phones Play Catch-Up. Microsoft has revealed that smartphones sporting its Mango flavor of Windows Phone 7 will get front-facing cameras and Skype support, and the OS will also enable wireless tethering. It’s proof positive that MS’s devices are catching up to the offerings that Apple and Google have had for some time. –KE


–Updated 9:45 a.m. EST

Google+’s Gundotra Toasts Jobs. Google+ bigwig Vic Gundotra posted a tribute to Steve Jobs on his Google+ stream, calling him “one of the greatest leaders I’ve ever met.” Gundotra and Jobs would speak on occasion, since Gundotra was responsible for mobile applications at Google. Gundotra tells a story about how Jobs called him one afternoon about an “urgent issue” that taught him a lesson he’d never forget: “CEOs should care about details. Even shades of yellow. On a Sunday.” —NS

–Updated 7:30 a.m. EST

RIM Outs Social BlackBerry Music. The rumors were true: RIM has just revealed BlackBerry Music, its streaming music system to rival that offered by companies like Spotify, Amazon, and to some extent Apple. It’s actually an extension to BlackBerry Messenger, meaning it has a social sharing angle. It’s also more carefully limited than its peers, with a strict song limit ($4.99 a month for 50 songs) that’s designed to promote song sharing between users. –KE

Verizon To Sell Square Rival. Intuit’s smartphone mobile credit card processing technology–manufactured by ROAM Data–will now be sold through Verizon’s high street stores (2,300 of them) and its business-to-business sales channels. It’s the latest move to position Intuit’s GoPayment system against Square, which has also seen the company dropping per-transaction fees and the price of its hardware. –KE


CouchSurfing Gets $7.6 Million Injection. CouchSurfing, part of the booming trend toward Net-organized temporary accomodation for travelers, is converting from a nonprofit to a legally structured for-profit company, with a specific model for companies that are trying to fix eco and social problems. It’s earned $7.6 million in cash from investments led by Benchmark Capital to do this, and is moving to new headquarters in San Francsico–startup capital of the U.S. Until now its been run on revenues earned from its identity verification service. –KE

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