Three cheers for Tech mums




It’s all quite surreal. Here I am in a swanky bar in a central
Colchester retail park, rubbing shoulders with 30 local mums and
waiting for uber Essex girl Denise Van Outen to make an appearance.
Which she duly does, sporting a trademark cheeky grin to go with a
personality that turns out to be even bigger and bubblier than can fit
on your plasma.

She’s here as the face of the “On The Go” Mum roadshow for mobile
network Three, whose innovative grass-roots approach aims to celebrate
local mums and show them how to get the most from their phones.  Having
formed a less than orderly queue, we finally cornered Denise for a
chat about being a mum and the role of technology in her life.

How do you feel being a mum?

Exhausted!  Its physically and mentally very tiring.  I am
constantly on the go and trying to juggle things.  Its not easy trying
to work and keep a happy calm home.


What is the hardest part of being a mum?

Having to be so many different women.  I have to be a wife, mother, business woman, actress.

What is your Favourite Gadget?

My iPad. It’s a real life-saver with the kids.

What is the role of technology?


It makes everything so simple.  The key thing is to accept technology and embrace it.  The genie is out of the bottle.

Our research has shown women need more reassurance than men when it comes to technology. Why do you think that is?

Because women do not like making mistakes.  We often think that men
are more technical but actually mums can benefit more from technology
as mums tend to do most of the organisation in their house.

Which 3 pieces of advice would you give to a technology company wanting to connect with mums?

  1. Keep your message simple
  2. Stress doesn’t make people buy, so keep customers relaxed and talk to mums in an informal way
  3. If stress doesn’t sell, smiles do, so get your sales staff to crack the occasional grin!

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