Twitter’s Photo Galleries, India’s $99 Tablet, Skype Buys GroupMe, Apple Outsells Lenovo In China, Amazon Hints At Tablet

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Twitter Adds Photo Galleries. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many of them can you upload to Twitter? Lots more starting today, as Twitter introduced a “user galleries” feature. The 100 photos you’ve most recently uploaded via Twitter, yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram or other services will now be aggregated and displayed in chronological order on your profile page. –NR


Miramax’s Multi-Title Facebook Movie App. Miramax is launching the biggest Facebook movie portal yet, with an app that works in the U.S., U.K., and Turkey (20 titles in the U.S., 10 each for the others). It’s an experiment, but is set to quickly expand with France and Germany joining soon. Unlike other apps, Miramax’s movies can be watched on iPads and on Google TV–outside the Facebook environment. –KE 

India’s $99 Android Tablet.  Lakshmi Access Communications, based in India’s tech center, Bangalore, unveiled a new line of tablets on Friday, set to launch in early September. Starting at about $99 for a 7-inch display, the tablets are India’s newest and cheapest yet. The tablets run Android 2.2 rather than the newer Honeycomb OS, and are the newest contenders in India’s tablet price wars. —NS

Skype Buys GroupMe For About $85 Million. Skype, in the midst of being acquired by Microsoft, has itself acquired GroupMe for an estimated $85 million. GroupMe’s group messaging service helps keeps people organized across different mobile devices and computers, and Skype sees it as a “perfect addition” to its “voice, video and text products.” –KE

Apple Outselling Lenovo In China Market. Apple scored $3.8 billion in revenue from China-sourced sales for the last quarter, compared to Lenovo’s $2.8 billion from its home market. The figure has been dismissed as comparing “Apple’s to oranges” by Lenovo’s CEO, and the Chinese firm does have a commanding market share lead in the PC game. But Apple is strongly rumored to be launching the iPhone on China Mobile, the world’s largest cell phone network, and the halo effect will boost Mac sales too. –KE

Amazon Hints At Its Tablet. Amazon’s filed trademarks for the words “Lab126” and an associated logo. This is the internal group behind the invention of the Kindle, and possibly the company’s upcoming Android-powered tablet PC. The timing is less coincidental than it looks, because other rumors have hinted a Fall release date for the unrevealed device. –KE

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